Letter - TUCKER


Going back to late 1987 a pretty little Hoytt Dobe became Hoytts Smokey Mountain Empress call name Cara Mia one of our :next generation " girls as well as a Hoytt family member. From her breeding came Temerity formally Hoytts Cherokee Empress. In the nineties Hoytts Queen Mabe was born after finishing her GV program she joined a family in Youngstown Ohio  almost immediately her family nick named her Mabulas.  In time her people agreed to a breeding - I was told they felt obligated to pass on her greatness knowing all along I had been interested in bringing little Mabe's to life. From this litter my next personal girl was born formally  Hoytts Cara Mia ll. And now the rest of the story - Mia gave us the greatness of her linage  and one of her kids became "The Tuck" who recently left his family physically but not spiritually but will remain in their hearts forever. ...now some of Tucker's story. 

Barrie you should know how your boy (Drummer ) Tucker to us really was as you ADVERTISED . Tucker was our third Dobe. As you may recall I had experience on the Schutzhund field with my first Dobe . But life changed the family grew and education became what was a family with high expectation needed. He learned well and loved his obedience sessions. We stopped after he did get a title - his real occupation was being a DelSignori.




Tucker became an integral part of our family circle . Honestly Tucker really loved his role of being a brother to our kids and the kids in the neighborhood . Tucker was the kind of dog that if you didn’t know him, you respected him - the photos I sent you tell some of his story lines. But Tucker turned many into believers about the Doberman . He truly was incredible . 

Just to give you a glimpse of his intelligence and his ability to communicate with us I’ll tell you a story . Tucker didn’t like to go out in the rain . He always found a way to make me get wet with him .

OK you get the picture . I wasn’t going to get wet this time , so I tricked him into thinking I was . I got dressed as if I were going with him . Tucker got all the way down the stairs of the deck before he realized I wasn’t there . He turned back looked up at me and I’m telling you he chewed my BUTT . Barking at me , grumbled under his breath . he was not a happy camper. When he finished he turned and walked into the rain to do his business .I don’t know exactly what he said , but I have a pretty good idea . I still laugh to this day even as I write this for you .While Tucker didn’t like the rain he loved running through the snow and would stay out playing till he was covered only to end up with his head resting on the rocks of the hearth next to a blazing fire . I never could understand how he could stand being so close .

He was hot to the touch, he loved it . Although when he did have enough he always sat with me on the couch. These are just small glimpses of  The Tuck . I could go on . He will be missed for sure. I can assure you Tucker was amazing . He loved his home, his family and our friends . He was there for us all unconditionally . All I can say at this time is thank you from  our family and I’m sure Tucker would thank you and I know he enjoyed his time with us .

I’ve attached some pictures of Tucker (digital era). There is also our families version of “ The Kiss “ I’m not going to say goodbye , but so long for now . we will be contacting you shortly for another great Hoytt Dobe. 

Feel free to call me

                       Thank You !


The DelSignore’s