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Education: This handsome little guy may be home as early as July since he is soon to start our Super Pup program with the SP2 option. Home being Oak Park Illinois. Here's how Dutch reserved even before birth had been assured a wonderful life ahead along with programs that will surely help in the transition.

The email that follows represents one of the keys to our longevity since most of our Dobes are reserved by established clients, next generation children or very good friends of same.  However every aspect of the House of Hoytt has evolved.


Advisory: We eventually realized the medical needs of a pup from the right treatments to the crop were quite unfair to put such time sensitive responsibilities on the 'new parents'. Moving ahead fifty or so years we have continually created programs to further make life for both family and canine a much easier transition. And our clients who have us begin their new Dobe's education have gained the advantage of another time sensitive question. Who do I turn to for advice or training. 

PS: Samantha was nicknamed MEAN SAM - she was quite a protector but also introduced to the visitor she was a wonderful example of the companion side of the Dobe. Sam also is the Dobe that appears in the lithograph we offer with my son holding her nose and giving her a kiss. The original black and white won many awards and appeared as the lead on the Doberman Pinscher Club of Americas calendar for 1976.

          ...................................................................................................................................                                                             4-29-2018

Hi Barrie,

 Back in the early 70s we moved to Elmwood Park from Michigan.  This was our first house and before our children were born.  Greg always needed something from a hardware store.  One day I went along when he drove to a hardware store in River Grove on Grand Ave.  The owner lived in River Forest IL.  The first time that Greg and I went to this store Greg told me to go in first because he saw a large red Doberman Pinscher sitting about 10 feet inside.  I had a dog growing up and he knew that I loved dogs.  This dog started leaning on me as I was petting and talking to him.  When my husband got what he came for, he came back for me.   The Dobe was still leaning on me and I said that I couldn't leave because I thought he would fall over.  Of course he didn't fall over.  On the next visit I learned that his name  was Dutch  and asked the owner of the store about him and where he got him.  We learned about you and that you had trained Dutch to come immediately whenever the owner jingled his keys.  Dutch sometimes exited the store after people came in.  When we told the owner, he said that it was OK because he was just going home.  We both liked Dutch a lot and Greg wondered what a baby dobe looked like so we paid a visit to your place in Palos Park on a night when you were giving people their puppies.  The puppies had just had baths and were wrapped in white fluffy towels. They were adorable!  WE WERE HOOKED!  When we came to your office to put in our order Samantha got right up in a chair beside Greg and sat there looking at him.  She was beautiful!  The first dog we got from you at 6 1/2 weeks old and he lived for 10 1/2 years.  If we hadn't entered that Palm Hardware store, we would never have owned a dobe and that would have drastically changed our lives (and not for the better).  Because of meeting Dutch, we are naming our new puppy from you Dutch.  I am surprised that we didn't think of naming one of our prior dogs Dutch.  We have had forty plus years with wonderful Hoytt dobes.  Our boys grew up with them.  Our lives have been so much happier for sharing them with your dobes.  As you know, we anxiously await our newest friend, Dutch.



Birth & Family Information:

Born: March 24, 2018 

Mother - Leibchen

Father - Kodiak



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