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Let's talk about Ezra, formally Hoytt's Eyes of an Angel.  Ezra went through CYA and CGC program before placement. While the situation is different with each client, the success of Ezra's placement shows we select and develop our Dobermans to fit each family. Ezra's owner is single, retired, and with sight impairment. Today, a major group of our buyers are retirees. The letter you are being directed to was written just eight days after placement. The letter further points out how each situation's variables are taken seriously by us.  Please go to "Straight from our heart".   Know that you will be reading letters directly from those who put perhaps their second longest relationship in our hands. From placement to seven/twelve years after placement, our owners have welcomed more than just a pet into their life.  These letters and dozens of others found throughout our site all profess extreme satisfaction.  Our success comes from personal knowledge of each available Hoytt Dobe's background in combination with our educational experience, and, of course, understanding the buyers interest and situation.   After selection of the pup, we build to your life expectations. We will also keep you up with reports,photos and videos so you can feel as if you had been visiting your new kid while he was at Camp Hoytt.

 Also enjoy our Monthly Newsletter to see more Hoytt Dobes most photographs sent by the Hoytt Dobe's families. Note too that you do not have to become a Hoytt Dobe owner to receive via email our newsletter. You can note this when you send in your Client Profile or simply email us your E address and ask to be put on our mailing list.

NOTE...You will not be called by any of the staff or the boss unless you've asked for a conference call and had sent in your Client Profile. Our monthly newsletter always brings smiles to the viewer and even the team here rushes to their email on the first days of each month to see the Dobes they knew before placement as their wards, won the canine version of 'the lottery'.     

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