Jet / Celebration FL - Hoytt's Barron of Celebration /Grand Victor - Placed


Jett formally Hoytt's Barron of Celebration CGC BN

When we mention a purchase by an established client which you will find noted with certain Dobes more numerous then our first time buyers it is folks like our Jett's  owners who have helped to create the success we enjoy today. 

Now Jett's owner came to us for a pair of Hoytt Dobes from Pennsylvania when he was single back in the late sixties. Twenty-two years later Jett joins his new family of five in Florida which includes Gypsy formally Hoytts Gypsy Lady CGC RN CD now nine years old and is represented in the eighth photo.

Add mother, father and two sons Alex 22 and Max 10. Max seen twice including pool side with his new friend Jett. These photos were taken within an hour of the initial meeting after a twelve hour auto trip. The additional photos at Jett's new home show how much Jett was ready to step into a new life. This confidence shows a part of Jett's genetic make-up and once selected we completed the services his future family requested. Knowing these invisible qualities allows us the early evaluations we make in our choosing a certain Dobe for a specific situation. After all we have created the decades of Hoytt Dobes behind each offer today. 

Scroll down the photos and you will see the arrival photo of their now nine year old Hoytt, GYPSY. I've also included other photos with Gypsy taken the day Jett arrived.  

 Education: Grand Victor Program extended. 

Birth Information:

Born August 5, 2017

Mother - Hoytt's Golden Girl CGC, TDI

Father - Hoytt's King of the Valley CGC RN CD


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