Tank - Finished his GV program and now home in Billings, MT



Name TANK . 

Well if you go further into Tanks page and find his four week age photo you will understand why we presented him as "Tank". Over the months since his "Let's do lunch" picture he has continued to develop as we had presented to his future family months ago who by the way decided to keep his call name as it is.  His developing photos show this is one handsome dude in black and he enjoys life at a more relaxed pace but his quiet personality should not fool you. He wants to be as much part of our world. the human world as he learns more and more about life. From the beginning of his training he has shown his 'quick study' mind. Here's a boy who needs to be part of his people's life not just a hang around as the house pet. In time as he settles into his new family  he will develop his genetic patience for those quiet days that come but always awaiting attention.

Canine Education: Has begun his education under the Grand Victor Level One program. His new family are well established clients and being patient while this young Hoytt completes his education.  


More comments from the boss: 

I enjoy doing these short introductions but my web time is limited so others who also deserve great raves many times are spoken for before I can add more then just their photos. Know first in reality there is no genetic experimentation here. The genetic variables are minor but can truly add bonuses by allowing us the knowledge of what a match will give us long before each pair are mated. Finally just before mating each goes through our Health Check programs. So when I say this is one cool boy who will develop into a handsome example of his parents and would be an excellent candidate for our more extensive educational programs before placement ... I'm not guessing. 

Remember Hoytt is the only private Line in the world today. Not a single Dobe in the pedigree of each Hoytt offered today comes from outside influences. For generations before today's Hoytts were created and placed by me personally a great staff of caregivers and educators have helped me to create America's Super Dobes.

We control the oldest bloodline in breed history and in obedience we rank number one in success with the youngest of competing canines literally at every show we attend. And with each step in their education before placement the more they are being prepared for the life experiences their new family will offer.

In the end it is the first time purchasers interests and environment that initially are unknown to me and must be learned to complete a match. This is our reason for first asking you to complete and return our Client Profile before I personally discuss your future companion. 





Birth & Family Information:


Parents are Pharaoh & Delilah 


born 4-28-18




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