Knoxville, Tn...This girl had a few names before placement beginning with "Cindy" after her mom but before her mom's new family changed mom's name to Delilah. So viewers meet Farrah, example of two Dobes having their call name changed . One a pup the other an adult "NO PROBLEM". Know the Hoytt Dobe can pick up on a name change or new action as fast as they can learn the initial details of their new life, not in months but within weeks if not days of their arrival. 

Canine Education: Special program that gave Farrah about three weeks of lessons so while still with us she could head home when daughter Abby came home collage during Christmas break 12-19-17 learning a few of the first rules of life in our world.  As you see in one of the latest owner photos Farrah titled "On the seventh day of Christmas" was welcomed in by a handsome three year old formally Hoytts Pillar of Strength.

Birth & Family Information:

September 11 2017 

Mother - Delilah formally Hoytts Gift from the Heart CGC BN resides in Douglas Georgia. 

Father - Clarke formally Hoytts Invincible Man of Steel CGC RN BN CD  - Staff owned,trained and shown by mommy Noel .... Delilah formally Hoytts Gift from the Heart CGC BN - Client Owned she resides in Douglas Ga. Delilah was due to be picked up on the 12th by us to whelp here at the kennel but Matthew hit Douglas. 

THE STORY...Dad is a nurse who was on a 7pm to 7am shift when the damaging winds and heavy rain hit Douglas. Dad was required to stay at the hospital during the storm. Arriving home Delilah did not meet him at the door nor was she in the house. Apparently when the winds and rain were at there worst Delilah decided it was safer to leave the house via her dog door and crawl under the porch, dug a nest where she gave birth to seven fat little "next generation" Hoytt Dobes,  nursing them when she was found. By 8am we were in transit to Douglas with what we called our mobile whelping den, even  heated floor just like our whelping area here at the kennel. On the ten hour drive back she never stopped counting, nursing and cleaning her new borns. This was also her first litter yet she made every right decision to protect her pups. Thus in part Farrar's family decided her formal name would be Hoytt's Singing in the rain. And yes I'm bragging on this young Hoytt Dobe who never panicked. And what a litter, healthy, classy, social and quick studies all.      


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