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 Now meet Ariel & JJ both are from black dominant lines. We expect both blacks and reds.  Some of her canine family will be added to this presentation in time.  Of course 100% AKC registered, 100% Hoytt, 100% American breeding & 100% world class companions.  Babies due 11-7-20 





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SIDE NOTE: For those who live in the Pensacola area you may have met Ariel at her owner's animal clinic. Ariel  formally Hoytt's Winter Sunshine is now home for about six weeks but she'll be back to whelp early November. If you want to make her 'wish list' do complete the Client Profile for a start. And JJ's got a really outstanding daddy. While you can bet this boy has a great life, actually busy for JJ is a stellar companion first he's also been competing in the obedience for his formal name is Hoytt's Indiana's finest CGC TKN TDI      






Now meet Minda and Caspian due to bring a new generation of Hoytts to life around 12-12-20 


This pretty from a family of earlier competition winners reached the exclusive Doberman Pinscher Club of America Top20 for 2020  


minda-020.jpgstar-s-pup-minda-108.jpg         minda-010.jpg






 Minda was selected at four weeks of age for Tim Belue knowing that he wanted another great Hoytt Dobe educated before placement but this time to pursue an added goal besides a great companion. To see his girl reach T20 statis. It is with great honor that Tim requested our own Carol Stephens to train and show Minda. With correctness and steadiness in the ring, this team achieved that goal. Minda is a sweet, loveable girl who more than anything, loves laying on her back in her daddy’s lap. Thanks to the DPCA for awarding their prestigious T20 recognition. 


Now here's Minda's other half - Caspian formally  Hoytt's Defender of Honor BN CD TDI CGC otherwise known as 'daddy's boy who has been patiently waiting for a promised third lady. Yep Caspian may be three and the canine master at HOH but it's been about two years since his gene pool best fit a future generation. For those new to us we do not kennel raise our females to have pups, each are privately owned. With the exception of Mr. Hoytt's personal Dobes and staff Dobes the oldest in residence here are usually Grand Victors in development or client Dobes here for a holiday.

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