Master's Course Level Six

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Now meet the first AVAILABLE Masters Course Graduate for 2022, our beautiful red head Lucy formally Barronessa Lucy V Hoytt CGC BN. Lucy born 12-12-20 is not just beautiful, she's very patient, can hang out in the office all day long just waiting for attention. Great with our other personal Dobes, our cat RK, an easy socializer with guests and still a protector but not a barker without reason. Truly a priceless find for the retired home bodies or retired travels. But for all ages if you seek the very finest total companion. 

On the other hand she is ready to party when you are, plus a lady with our staff and visitors children. Her favorite activity snuggling. Obedience competition degreed (RN) as part of her gained world experiences and a great traveler. Add all the serious health testing just before placement and remember we do deliver. Definitely for those who can, Lucy is the find. With a 100% refund of her purchase price should the impossible happen during the hardest part of the placement - her first month month with her new family. See her video on YouTube and evaluate the following offer. Purchased outright she is $24,000.00 but either before placement or after and she whelps here we will refund or after purchase the right for one litter for $12,000.00 discount or refund.  Purchased while Lucy is still part of our gang when she has her pups we will give her purchaser an $10,000.00 discount bringing her purchase fee down to $14,000.00. And for sure if you want a Masters Course Graduate boy in whatever color or a girl in Black, Fawn or Blue all you have to do besides being able to invest the dollars, know patience is necessary since it takes 8 to 14 months from reserving you new M.C.Graduate.     




London ... Hoytt's Bridge to my Heart CGC RN CD - Doberman Pinscher Club of America Top20 for 2017 & 2018 - also invited to but did not attend the American Kennel Club 2018 Invitational because of the health risks. London was not trained for competition but during her Master Course program achieved the very impressive scores which automatically took her to that impressive list. Way to go daddy's girl. She also happens to be the mother to Miska our rainbow producer. Check out our "Available" page and meet her grand daughter Aurora who has one pretty fawn thing called Tequila still without family.   `





Point of pride - 80% of our Dobes go into homes of established clients, close friends of clients and clients who grew up with Hoytt Dobes. More recently we have had the honor of starting to place Hoytt Dobes with adult children who are the grand children of the same families.   

WE WILL UPDATE THIS PAGE AS OUR WEB UPDATE TIME ALLOWS. But note our Aurora, our Christmas mom - go to AVAILABLE to meet Tequila, her one kid who as of 3-6-22 does not have a family yet. Then check out the group video on her page. And our beautiful fawn girl Sassy owned by a client who acquired his first Hoytt in 1976. Note Sassy past away just before her 14th birthday end of 2020 with no veterinary costs over normal yearly physicals. And yes the Reverend & his Sassy would do 10,000 steps almost every day since her owner retired. Before Sassy's memory could finish her training programs, our client learned of a pretty five year old Hoytt girl named Liebchen who's owner passed away from CoVIC was welcomed by Sassy's dad. Our rehoming process called "If we die tomorrow" is offered to all returning Hoytt Dobes -  and only placed with clients in good standing...

...this because we use our knowledge of the life of the Hoytt Dobe with it's family as well as the future families situation. So like Mr. Hoytt who at seventy-eight selected and captured a great grand pup (Q) of his London who is now eight along with her housemate Caspian as well as all our own Hoytt Dobes including staff owned who will be bring new lives are given detailed phycigals at the University of Tennessee twice a year) but as with all in time to continue the bloodline but .  ( London as all our personal Dobes are given detailed phycigals at University of Tennessee as most of our client owned who gave up their girls for six weeks here during motherhood. Note too we do not allow our producing girls to whelp at their home - with one exception in the last thirty years since we have twenty four hour staff during the early weeks of the youngsters lives.      


sassy-in-stance-2017-dsc08519.jpg             aurora-formal-7-7-21-standing-2-dsc09984.jpg  

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CLIENT OWNED this magnificent fawn born 8-27-17 - Hoytt's Barron of Celebration CGC BN finished our Grand Victor Program getting his last win with a HIGH IN CLASS on 5-18-18 and headed home, home being Celebration Florida. 

His owner while living in Pennsylvania  acquired his first pair as a single guy in the early nineties and except for the needed selection and education time has continually had a Hoytt at his side. On arrival to Jett's new home he met the nine year old Hoytt Queen in residence Hoytt's Gypsy Lady CGC BN CD who joined the family after completing our President's Program. CGC BN CD. 







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