Obedience Show Winners

London ... Hoytt's Bridge to my Heart CGC RN CD - Doberman Pinscher Club of America Top20 for 2017 & 2018 - also invited to but did not attend the American Kennel Club 2018 Invitational. After all London was not trained for competition but during her Grand Victor program achieved the very impressive scores which automatically took her to that impressive list. Way to go daddy's girl. She also happens to be grandmother to Miska our rainbow producer who whelped 10-20-18 currently having three pups still without family. Check out our "Available" page.   `




Point of pride - 80% of our Dobes go into homes of established clients, close friends of clients and clients who grew up with Hoytt Dobes. More recently we have had the honor of starting to place Hoytt Dobes with adult children who are the grand children of the same families.   


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CLIENT OWNED this magnificent fawn born 8-27-17 - Hoytt's Barron of Celebration CGC BN finished our Grand Victor Program getting his last win with a HIGH IN CLASS on 5-18-18 and headed home, home being Celebration Florida. 

His owner while living in Pennsylvania  acquired his first pair as a single guy in the early nineties and except for the needed selection and education time has continually had a Hoytt at his side. On arrival to Jett's new home he met the nine year old Hoytt Queen in residence Hoytt's Gypsy Lady CGC BN CD who joined the family after completing our President's Program. CGC BN CD. 




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