Our new kids - 2020 placements are alive & well.

And Buffy this beautiful 18 month old formally Hoytt's Foxy Brown has given us with of course Mick formally Midnight Rambler CGC nine future American Bred Super Dobes - little Hoytt's of course. We who will welcome one of these kids owe my son and his family for allowing us the opportunity to create a new generation - check in in 2022 and you will see why we paired these two Hoytt's Dobes.

We will be introducing other pups from Mick around mid 2020 but right now we are still working on finding Mick a home with in a few hundred miles or less from us. And also know like most of our "Ladies in waiting" this will probably be Buffy's first and last litter. As you examine those females before Buffy who have helped keep the Hoytt Line alive and private also know not one was bred because the owner thought about cashing in on their girl but offered her to help keep the Hoytt Line the only private and for sure the oldest Doberman Line in the breeds history. Even my personal Dobes became a really because of all those who have given their girls up for six weeks so a new generation can be born. I definitely am grateful for being trusted with someone else baby just so you and I can enjoy such a unique creature know as a Hoytt Dobe.  

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