Pewter Doberman Mug


Pewter Mug "Love My Dobe"

Hoytt Doberman Exclusive


Product Description: 


Wilton Armatal  Pewter Mug with Dobe Emblem 


Made by the Wilton Company, Exclusively for the House of Hoytt

Pewter Dobe Mugs can only be purchased here and will not be made anymore. 

So Get your Collectors Doberman Crest Mug, soon there will be no more!


Designed and crafted by hand, these beautiful products were crafted to last a lifetime. Share the joy of the these timeless pieces for generations to come. Give them as a gift to someone special in your life as a testament to your everlasting relationship.




Serve it up with serveware by Wilton Armetale.


Big on durability and made to keep liquids piping hot or freezing cold.



Product Details: 


Aluminum-based alloy

Hand wash

Oven, stove and grill safe

14 ounces


Weight: 1 lb., 3.2 ozs. 


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