"This girl is now a Texan" 


Zoey, formally Hoytts Lady of the Realm CGC, is quite the stylish creature and one of the happy tail types. She's a, good morning girl, a good afternoon girl, and a good evening girl, who actively shows with her happy tail, how much she loves you every chance she has. She hangs around my desk all day and patiently waits for me to touch her. And boy, if I ask her, “BALL?", she is ready to party.


When I retire with my group, all hit their beds and are there for the night. Should London and I sleep in, (London is allowed in my bed), Zoey usually stays quiet in her own bed.  If we sleep in too long, she will bark a short, but stern, OUTSIDE PLEASE! If you know what dog speak is, Zoey has begun learning DOG SPEAK! She's learning how to answer our questions! She is not a noisy, pacing, type creature, but truthfully, none of my Dobes are genetically noisy. We practice peace and tranquility all during home training.


This Summer, we hope to announce Zoey is with babies. Keep checking in.  The expected announcement later this fall. 

For those who could welcome another Hoytt Dobe into their hearts this spring, you won't have to wait six months to a year. If Zoey is the composite of your perfect Dobe, this girl is at our Presidents Program level, previously known as the Grand Victor Level Two.  Without the costs of showing to title, adding the year of rules of home and life, President Program Level guys are extreme companions when they head home! However, Zoey remained with us not for the Presidents Program, but to bring in the next generation of America's most protected bloodline, the Hoytt Line, to life. 


Now, let's talk more about this girl personally. She has many young friends, children who have been taught how to be friends to a new canine coming into their life.  Note, too many parents have not taught their children to understand that first, you must be welcomed into a dog’s social circle. When kids are here with the staff mothers, the kids first find my group. After going through the main kennel and super pup wing passing out kisses and treats, we usually see the kids finally wear out and find their back to my group in the office to cuddle with the Dobes and watch the Disney Channel.  At times we find the Dobes and the kids napping. Our training programs may be extensive, but they also include real world experiences. 


 These kids have been taught that dogs are not toys, but caring companions who love petting, cuddling, hugging, and closeness during quiet times. Of course, these great canines who will never, not share, even their eatables with their human friends (well it's more sharing what the kids brought) are of exceptional temperament. Do not believe, a dog is a dog is a dog, for there are exceptional genetic qualities in action here! Remember; anyone who has an ex-partner, has learned; changing a human or canine with quirks is near impossible. Rescues are full of dogs who did not fit, and the courts are full of couples who need to go their own ways. So best find the person or canine that has the qualities of personality and mind that you seek; and like a fairy tale, live happily ever after.


Zoey is always trying to please, but she has her likes and dislikes too. We all have been to gatherings where certain people are not on our favored list, and if we can, we try not to be trapped into pretending. Zoey likes all the staff and their children, but, sometimes at the office, she will come into our visitor’s area ready to socialize. As she walks in, she says hi and then politely excludes herself from being grabbed/hugged or whatever you want to call unwanted strangers trying to hug you. She will hang around a bit, but she will soon head to one of the dog beds where she will lie down, cross her front legs, and just look like the proper young princess she is. At times it’s as if she says to me, "You let them in, you socialize with them".     

   More Details:  

We hardly know Zoey's around when we are busy. She will grab a bed and just hang around waiting for one of us to acknowledge her presence.  But ask her if she wants to play ball, or when the evening comes, and I take my gang for a late afternoon or sometimes late-night walk, she perks up, ready to party. She changes attitude from a calm creature, to one ready to get out and do things. After all, she, like my other guys, patiently waits for me many times, all day, to call them together and ask the words they have waited to hear. Sometimes at work, she will come and sit next to me and if I ask her what she wants, her beautiful eyes light up and ears go erect - I have a bowl of treats on my desk;  they all could get into it, but none help themselves. So, what do I say to this beautiful Dobe or her friends. I swear I get an extra smile; there is no wildness, just patience, for they know I'm not tricking them and they know they have been good - they surely deserve a treat. They are such a pleasure to have around.

 Oh yes, while she can have many friends, she will still protect her people. With so much love to offer and an ongoing interest, that she is honoring your rules when she seeks your attention by just sitting down close to you and looking into your eyes, ears up, you can’t help smiling. You can’t help reaching out to give her a touch of love.    

 Birth & Family Information:

 Zoey was born, 6-30-16, out of Gracie Anne from west of Chicago, and Magnum one of our local, now retired, super sires. Magnum is also the father of our next generation star; Pharaoh. 





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