Planned Parenthood

Parents to be 2019 to 2020 


Birth Anouncemments

Doberman puppies or The Perfectly Trained Hoytt AKC American Breed dobe you are searching for may not be available when you need it. Thank 

However, New Champion mommies are having puppies on a regular basis and we could have one on the way. After the baby is born, we can train it to your Obedience level. 

 Added Bonus Pre-birth training discount when your "to-be-born" future pup will also be entering either our Custom Young Adult, Grand Victor or Presidents Choice program.

We also accept  reservations long before conception.

Most future sires and matching dams are selected by genetic matching many times before they have  even finished their initial puppy medical services. It's a must when you maintain a private line or one day we could find that certain line combinations that took generations to build are no longer available.

As a bonus to those ready to reserve their future Hoytt under our Pre-birth Discountand are also considering  one of our advanced pre-placement training programs we offer a 5% discount on both the pup and training program

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