Puppy Pre-school

                                     PUPPY PRE-SCHOOL COURSE
                                                                                      “The ABC’s of Learning”
The Puppy Pre-school Training Course introduces your puppy to a new world, the basics of learning. The realiztion that there is more then just sleep and play. That the sounds coming from us humans are more then just strange noises. This will be the beginning of life rules. The ABC’s of the young Dobe's mind as well as their very first rule of life - 'feet on the ground'. The ultimate bonus with our team at the end of the leach is similar to our schooling. We retained more from the educators we liked then those individuals we deemed boring.
The puppy will learn the leash and collar means more human attention while it actually is learning how to please us. In turn the young student will walk on lead upon arrival. The Puppy Pre-school Course also includes introducing the youngster to walking on your left side along with an introduction to the sit, down and come. An added bonus - an introduction to the up and down rules of stairs and the pup steps into your life before it turns 13/14 weeks of age. We also do not use "Electric" or spike collars and you will get a video report card before placement to study.

To advance the pup thru SP1 would add four additional weeks. Advancing through SP2 brings the total in-school time from start of Pre-school through SP2 means the pup arrives around 18/20 weeks of age                                                                                                        Note E addresses below introduce a few of our youngest at varied levels in videos for your enjoyment. 


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