If you go to our YouTube page you can see this pretty thing showing off what she's been learning.   Her owner has been with us since the nineties and while Star has finished all our offered training levels in our Presidents Choice program we were asked to add exciting type competitive exercises while keeping the more advantageous real life obedience program exercises of the AKC Companion Dog certification. She graduated on 5-7-17 from the chosen series of programs, including the months of home rules, travel manners with experiences from a quick run to town, after placement  to her owner's office to  trips across America along with social skill experiences from   stops at Starbucks to more formal gatherings to an evening with a few friends  around the Barby this girl has the experience and will be ready literally from her first days of arriving, of course also looking forward to that Texas Barbecue.

Also the experiences gained with children of staff and  visiting clients children plus those she's met off property who are usually not much taller then Star. Supervised of course but none of the kids ended up on their bottoms.  Never jumps on any of us humans.  Four, five times a week she's out evenings on our property trail with myself and one to two others also in the  Presidents Choice program plus my London and  one cool dude named Lex. 

Star has finished  an  additional AKC competition program  and is officially a Texan now.  Baby Star is  formally Hoytts  Texas Star CGC BN CD GN.  Seen on our YouTube pages in video stage shorts with her final presentation yet to be published. Watch her stage videos now and viewing what has to be a must  in the area of early  comprehensive and intellectual qualities and you better understand what we mean when we also talk about a Hoytt Dobe's sense of humor.

This Hoytt Dobe was reserved before birth while the top photo was taken at ten weeks of age right after crop.

We also introduced her future parents passing this information on to the buyer at the time we received the deposit.This is an excellent example of our ability at genetic selection - SEE Recently Reserved

Why not invest in the best of the best  and  remember your next Dobe will be part of your life longer then most human partnerships last. 

 Reminding those like myself  nearing our claimed life average  - why not???   




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