Selecting Your Doberman

"The Hoytt Dobe Pup-The Foundation of the American Bred Super Dobe"

THE COMPANION PROTECTOR/SUPREME- With few exceptions, this is the classification for the individual who is interested in taking full advantage of our expertise. In effect, the buyer's interest is acquiring a good-looking, personable, stay-at-home companion. A great match to those who also are weekend rockers, rocking chair enthusiasts that is. Someone who will prefer a Dobe that hangs with them and enjoys the quieter pace of life. 

And, if you prefer, you may want to add bed-warming qualities, or over all, a best friend who will never tire of your stories and 24/7 watches for those who are not welcome. Your new Companion Protector Supreme comes with all the finishing services listed under MEDICAL COMPLETION SERVICES, so on arrival you do not find yourself wondering what puppy medical services are next or to whom you should turn to.You will have 2 to 4 weeks before your Medical History guide will advise you of your first visit to your vet. Even on older Dobes we suggest you give your new kid enough time to learn who you are so the Dobe is not being taken by a stranger to be handled by a stranger. Always be sure that their first impressions of life at your end is pleasant in every area before you begin introducing them around to new things.

This also gives you both time to know each other,  and together you can better show off your American Bred Super Dobe.  Not following our advice with this very easy favor I've asked, in behalf of the new Dobe, and you will fall into the area we call simply - mistaken placement.  Of course, if there is a life and death situation you can run to the vets,  but call us as soon as possible!

No shortcuts, no gray areas in its family tree, the services and investment at our end in your new Companion Protector Supreme is no less than what we invest to create our Choice pups. Remember,each evaluation is based on Mr. Hoytt's knowledge of the physical and mental variables that are possible in the Doberman Pinscher. Most CPS pups are far superior in total quality than what many breeders call "Show Quality". In the end a less complex situation with less variables and this is the right classification for the buyer.                          


So many variables are considered in selection that in the end, most of the CPS pups could only be recognized if you were Mr. Hoytt.  It is many times simply a way to acquire a great Dobe of a quality others are still trying to achieve in their lines.  So much is demanded of his other two classifications that it could be simply a higher pray drive than a CHOICE should have. Sometimes it may just a response test - how fast a pup recovers from some seemingly scary situation or how quickly it will be introduced to a stranger and befriend that person. For the quick studies type even five minutes from suspicion of a stranger to full social acceptance or on the humorous side but from first hand knowledge...a young personable Dobe who looks like he belongs on the cover of Dog World Magazine* is taken into one of those small downtowns of the past that somehow remained solvent to begin learning about life outside the home.

We begin after hours and work up to 'busy' beginning with a walk around the squire. A few hundred feet from the first intersection the kid spots a strange object and the closer we get the more apprehensiveness is seen. The Dobe is now 30 feet and closing but encouragements are necessary for it now has begun to smell 'DOG', ten feet and the pup stops hair on it's back standing up step by slow step the pup begins to go into a kind of stalk finally back legs shaking it stops. What in the world is this yellow thing that is unlike anything it's ever seen. Its a fire hydrant. Cute right, well not from the Dobes standpoint and with a burst of speed it passes all the while never taking its eyes off it. On the word heel it gladly moves on. Over the next few weeks we repeat the walk and with each safe passing the Dobes fear lessens until this and the other strange 'things' it has seen are not threats to our well being including the overly friendly strangers we ran into.

So we know the Dobe with help from his walking partner is learning about life's surprises. All we have to do is see the world from its eyes, to offer encouragements and of course compliments all the while planning on the next visit for after all we are building its confidence. In time it goes to its new family where perhaps each morning or evening it takes its people for a healthy walk and when it comes to one of those smelly things be it red or yellow it may boy or girl decide its time it add to the collection of fragrances. In time it learns bye bye ten miles to places where its people leave it long enough to return from its masters hunting trip and from the packages comes a new toy or treat, wonderful life and once home helps its family sort through the captured goodies. In effect everyone lives happily ever after...The end.

Let's change dogs and head into the same small town, find the same fire plug, the same strangers in effect what you find in the downtown of a small but active town center. Now this kid seeing the object as just a strange object and while interested in checking it our which we would encourage the walk is continued and the next day it is not even a unknown since it was there the day before. And while it still will show varied levels of caution when a stranger is approaching it can be encouraged to socialize and each visit it understands more of what is 'normal'.

Now the way the first dog evaluates verses the second, which one should go to the person who plans on taking the dog as much as 'everywhere' as they can either in travels, hang out at the office or interact in an environment say a camp ground, at the many social gathering in the home environment in general a dog that fits a more complex life style and while both are acquired as companions one will have a busy lifestyle and the other will not be asked to master daily variables yet even the second one can adjust it takes much more reputation presentations. So we can say the second kid is a quick study, thus we see this one as a Choice and the other a C/P/Supreme so in the area of concern we are looking simply at who can master changes quicker. Nothing to do with loyalty, intelligence, looks or health.

Now color variables...most breeders have single names for their colors. Black & Rust sounds great for someone looking for a Black & Rust but from Mr. Hoytts side he may think there is not enough depth of color and this may be the single reason a pup is classified as C/P/Supreme. In the end be honest with yourself when presenting your interests and Mr. Hoytt will reciprocate.

The Companion Protector Supreme can still be chosen against your preferred character traits - be it energy level, natural defense level, suspicion level, preferred sex, size at maturity, and of course color. Remember, we are the only breeders who can truly Profile each Dobe, for knowing the past generations longer than any other breeder gives us the background knowledge necessary to project what the youngster will be like as the adult. Many times style even personality has little to do with the cost difference as we discussed earlier since many of today's buyers would not require a Choice since the kid will necessary due to the complexities of the future owners demands.  

In the end in fairness to the C/P/Supreme class, it is the most sought after.  The Top Dobe Select came into being because of the extreme demands when a Dobe will have a very active life style - the Choice profile came into being because of the obedience ring demands or more complex demand of dogs who has many variables almost every day of its life to quickly adjust to.  Even if the Dobe just goes to and from work in the end it must be able to learn new variables to established patterns.

Consider the person who drives daily. The vehicle is America has the steering wheel on left, we all simply jump in put on our seat belts and head out. Head to one of the counties where the steering wheel is on the ring. Now many American drivers would simply not rent a car but hire a driver, however some of us can adjust fast to the change so we think nothing of renting a car jumping in on what we know as the passenger side here in America. In this case we could say the second driver is a quick study. 

So the busier the lifestyle the more one could benefit from the CHOICE.  Even those who are now retired but travel need a kid that can move from one bed breakfast to an other or a new camp ground every few days even if in between stops they cruse around in a motor coach. Its mastering the variables, Top Dobe Select analogy - they are  comfortable dining with the first mate or the Captain. So what we may think of everyday normal, the pressure is on Mr. Hoytt to find the Dobe that is at the top of it's class. But once again the Companion Protector Supreme was the key many, many, many years ago to Mr. Hoytts success and still popular because the world still has more stay at home folks then adventurer. So why the large drop in price? Because in fairness to those who primarily want a healthy, personable around the house companion less evaluation time by Mr. Hoytt is necessary so this saving of his time and his assistance time is passed on to those who want the best of the best but the demands outside the home are minimal do not need a Dobe who is a quick study otherwise the kid will get bored.

And always we remind everyone that if you follow our recommendations and turn to us for advice if a question arises during the life of your soon-to-be best friend, there is little reason why you will not be one more extension of the Hoytt Family who believe justly their Dobe is the best.   

The Choice Pup*

A relatively minor (when compared to all the other traits necessary to individualize selection based on client preferences) but available study involves of movement while keeping closer to ... See: with the exception of adult projected size* since the AKC standard allows a deviation related to size taking into consideration a buyers preferences to either a smaller type Dobe as the lower end of the standard presents or of course the ability to show and receive a Championship with a kid almost twice the lower end. Few breeds allow this but Dobe owners usually seek more of a personal  composite preference and the DPCA fortunately recognized the need for this size variables.  Since even Champions can be companions they just are not pushed when it comes to the working side of what the Obedience ring offers. So the Choice is the ultimate composite of showman, genius and best bud.  Should one want a kid that will take part in vacations, social gatherings at home or visiting with non-in-residence family and/or closed group of friends, will not necessarily be part of the performance ring after placement or will not be entering the very complex world of specialization. See: Top Dobe Select additional comments 

Add that the Choice must show a very early interest in seeking human attention about the time it begins weaning at three-four weeks of age, shows interest in play games like Tug & ball about the same time. These may seem small pluses, but all will eventually be bonuses in the end.  Also a plus in developing both adult social graces and child interaction with certain inherent personality variables chosen to meet the future expectation the years the pup will be an adult. See:

As you've already learned, we tattoo to help us follow each Dobe's development, and if a Dobe continues to grow into the handsome or beautiful example of the breed we expected and you sought, we can always be sure who your hand-selected kid is, but, of course, if anything interferes with the final evaluation we will reclassify and re-select.

 Phoebe an American Bred DobermanRadar an American Bred Doberman

Top Dobe Select*

Therapy, Service, Advanced obedience, Competition obedience, for personal enjoyment  because you can.

Having a great Dobe as a friend and companion offers the ultimate reward for those seeking a canine partner rather than just an alarm system, foot warmer or just a good listener. Of course these are developed behaviors found in most house dogs, mixed or pedigree simply those that prefer hanging out with their human master rather than running the neighborhood looking for fun or is it trouble?  In our world, the world of the Hoytt Dobe, a Companion Protector Supreme, a Choice or a To Dobe Select at the appropriate time will always be found during quiet times laying on or at your feet if given the option. Otherwise if possible within view of you on it's bed. Yet there are other areas where being the other half of the team both in the world of performance obedience and the busy days outside the basic structure of the home environment that now can truly be considered.  Head to the water at your favorite outdoor seating restaurant ( unless your kid has been certified - we will discuss this privately)   for a patio meal at  Georgia's The 4th of May for lunch. But if then you have to go to the office or head to the Dog Club  the kids is already at your side. Less formal but more complicated jump in the Coach mini or monster and life becomes numerous rules in an area of the Dog world that can be best served with certain qualities individual to one dog and not as easy to select as with life at the residence. 

 The performance ring might  be one area considered, but actually it is only a few minutes of your life's once the judge says "Are you ready? Followed by "Congratulations" great showing.

Once educated and with the practice sessions still remain a minor part of your lives 24/7 but the active life canine is half of the team and with that comes mutual responsibilities, but more relaxed response. You stop to talk to your site manager and the kid looks around before the excellent sit at your left but the look around and the execution of the sit taking 10 seconds over the ring required second (for higher scores) shows the advantages of education  with the dog understanding the varied environments he will be required to execute what was simply a SIT.

But the remaining 100's of hours each week that the Dobe will be asked to know what to do without 'command' responding more to it's own observations during it's learning curve make up most of its life. For these guys who truly are part of their humans life 24/7 they must be seen as humans see their owner. Do your friends and associates fear being in public with you or are you seen as the person who's company you want to be seen with. Your well educated Hoytt Doberman would fall into the latter preferences. And no some mixed breed or obviously inferior examples of a breed or one of the breeds little is expected of is one thing - who cares after all it's just one more 'whatever kind' of dog seen with little control in most public environments. Truly those who come in contact with these types might just think and mean it; "It's just a  ( name the breed ) but a Dobe it already represents power, add well manners and it's probably a Hoytt Dobe on a holiday or on its way to work.  On the less discussed side it may actually be your personal security once you leave the safety of your home or the protection of the family in the outdoor play area.   So why not go for class and behavior far above that of  'it's just a ****.  In the end in public it's the other half of your team. So maybe  the Top Dobe Select is the only way to go. Truly if you can't afford a Hoytt Dobe you probably can't afford a few days of repair and recovery at the  veterinarians or maybe re-think canine or feline ownership and go with a Gerbil or two. 

So friends from the busy workplace to the residents where both formal dinners and personal gathering are the norm why not put the pressure on Mr. Hoytt to find that exceptional example of an already exceptional line? But don't worry too much about this for it may  be Mr. Hoytt that will actually re-direct you to an exceptional Companion Protector of choice since in actuality you put the right mind on the road to creating your next CEO but at the same time you may be looking for that certain type of composite individual who will run the stock room pleased that in fact that person could lets just say not someone who should step up to the stock holders and build their confidence while being sure the foundation of your products are in responsible hands.

For a few owners their Hoytt Dobe must wear as many coats as they do. A TOP DOBE SELECT could be the way to go to lessen SENSORY OVERLOAD initially, perhaps the Select because the potential of what in our world would be called corporate advancement material but at a canine level. The  Dobe who wears many coats must be better equipped mentally and emotionally for the unknowns it may face daily. The Top Dobe Select as we've said early into this descriptive section is also chosen for its early comprehensive qualities along with other unique inherent qualities Mr. Hoytt believes will enhance the lives of both canine and human based on the complexities of life after placement. An area no one usually has never thought about or knew could be isolated and in finding the dog that truly was born with this quality are ready to invest in the evaluates time. But than you also have to first find a truly experienced evaluator. Time is money so this area of evaluation does add a bit to the final cost, but in the end when any project is done right the saving is so much greater than the fees paid.   

Here is the one and as Carol ( pictured here with her team mate Phoebe at three years of age ) learned when the call came in that her newest Hoytt Dobe had been chosen the first steps toward fulfilling a dream that would take then to a height few obtain. This team was about to begin the climb many seek but few achieved but first and foremost the greatest accomplishment is being the best friend and guardian of her new family. And the wins keep stacking up, more degrees and DPCA TOP 20 list last year and as of May 2012 again in the top 20 along with Phoebe's best canine buddy and house mate Hoytts Son in the Son CGC RN CD also made the Top 20 - Better add where their is goals and hope we find Hoytts Promise of Hope - not sure but first time I've seen three of one breeders Dobes on the Doberman Pincher Club of America Top 20 List and must add a very loud WELL DONE since I only picked the pups each is owner trained and handled. Get the picture - it's not just our Dobes that can be called "the best of the best".

For these folks and many others of course the Top Dobe Select is the only way to begin. To make a point Mr. Hoytt's personal Dobe is a Choice, but not a "Top Dobe Select" ( ( No we won't give up the WHY?) but still Marti has a sharp mind and great looks but his Dobe  also must be satisfied with just hanging around and while Marti knows she's 'daddy' girl she must she must still carry her self like a canine princess. Marti is quite impressive and while extremely stylish and very smart, this Dobe is not comfortable romping with the 'Jet set'  nor does she have to be and for sure if she could talk she's tell you  she would rather "Leave  ring Competition to the Phoebes, Hopes, MARGARITES, Teaks and the Sonny's of the world.  And being "Daddy's Girl" makes Marti a winner too, as are each of the Hoytt Dobes that live with "the best of the best". 

For some of our clients obedience competition will be taken as seriously as those who live to be on the greens or the water. Today if ring obedience is being considered one would start with Rally, a fun obedience introduction, introduction to mass confusion experiencing  distractions while learning to follow instruction. A plus for this helps prep the dog for introduction to the confusing world of the entrepreneur. The person who may be able to do what they want when the moment is right.. 

One morning at 6 you are sitting on the veranda absorbing a beautiful sunrise and life can't be better, your Hoytt Dobe patiently waiting for you to weaken and hand over the biscuit.  The next morning a 6AM you just heard from your office in Denmark, you just lost a major Icelandic client - No sunrise this morning. Not the time to compliment your self other than you did not miss the call.  You kiss the dog, apologies to it because you have to fly commercial,  call to your other half... where's the maid? Don't find out now you have no maid. The day is fast becoming a forgettable time in life. By the next morning your back in town but at condo, you are sitting next to an open window as the breezes come in from the greens and the sun again is reminding you, you saved the day yesterday. While on that thought your Hoytt Dobe hits you up for a piece of toast dipped in your tea, you owe it to him after all he had to hang out at the other house all day yesterday with only the maid and that crazy cat. Better ring for an other slice of toast, the dog acts as if you short changed it...Life is good. Maybe you can take the dude to the club, he thinks the cart is his personal off the road SUV. 

At the House of Hoytt much thought is given to the dogs perception of the world it will encounter once in it's new environment and Rally is the second suggested or requested exercise after receiving it's GCG. From there you have Companion Dog level (CD), with the Companion Dog Excellence (CDX), next followed by Utility (UD) for those who have more than one Hoytt Dobe so maybe the other can head to the Hoytts for a brush-up before it takes on it's world. Some of our clients have three Dobes and two trade as a household where both adults will find themselves off to a new exercise in winning we call 'business'. So for those who have, partaking in mind and at times when time allows as spectator it is fun when your canine best buddy brings home the gold. For most who have never been ring side or had a dog who was a Multi achiever, first the great companion and second a great competitor know that with the right Dobe, right handler and right owner the canine competitor learns just how impressed/happy winning makes it's human family ( the best handler is seen as an extension of the family ) and shows the canine version of excitement. In time it learns those ribbons given after a workout means some special canine shopping. Find the story of Ms. Horner's competition girl Teak and how she so looked forward to post showing shopping.

And those looking for the ultimate fun team sport, rather than obedience, consider joining an Agility club, Agility is fast-becoming a way for you and the kid to get a great deal of exercise, just not something that adds to daily control. Agility is for those who don't feel the need for serious obedience but want a team exercise. In the Obedience, Rally & Agility ring, the handler and Dobe are judged as a team. A chance at fifteen minutes of fame and the rest of the day free to hang out, shop or just strut through crowds feeling the power of the reputation spread the people like Moses spread the waters. There truly is an extreme pride that comes with a high stepping Dobe at your side behaving like others on the street have not even though possible. A different world of people watching because you are in the mist of the action. Head back to the car, coach or hotel when you tired of thanking folks for their compliments or your canine other half looks like enough is enough.

But here's the final point to be made for the Top Dobe Select pup. This is the one that is a quick study, has a natural focus you can build on, high in confidence, but not over-active; a social kid who will face a complex life of environmental changes such as office, home or homes, perhaps become a service dog, a therapy Dobe or out Rescuing the lost/finding the injured or become  Hoytts National Treasure CGC RN, to her friends, Cooper. See:  Investigation Doberman Americas first C.A.D.A. Certified Accelerant Detection Dobe . So in the end a Dobe who will become part of a very busy lifestyle, will face judging every minute it is around the public perhaps also the performance ring, socializing with some of your special guests at the office, a quick coffee at Star Bucks, out on the patio unless the kid has received it's Service Dog Degree and then still outside may be preferred. Perhaps the hundreds of variables none of us have yet to think of and the best way to begin  is a SELECT. But again this is not a Hoytt Dobe you simply request on the forms.  Leave this final classification pick by the only individuals who have the expertise for this extreme decision. 

So for those who also like the supercharged mind in a quick study talk to us about "Top Dobe Select"*.            

Our pick for some of our Grand Victor Program,  Dobes who also will live a more complex private & public life. Truly a Dobe who works well as a team player and not just the other half of a relationship.  See: Meet Sir Winston (Therapy & actor - summer theater - see Straight From the heart) and following in Winston's paws - Brutus. Then there is  Scout** (Service and best friend) and Rocco (Valedictorian) - Companion, guardian, co-pilot and over-all traveling companion to 'dad' as well as 'moms' shopping buddy. Best add that Rocco is also one of our "Yes, Dear" guys to Tasha, his pretty red GV mate. In effect a very active life from the day he arrived but a gentleman at all times even at the track (Auto) with 'dad'.

**Coincidently we have two Top Dobe Selects named Scout as examples to present. Both in their respective ways besides outstanding companions and Service dogs. Our red boy (Connecticut) who is always at this owners side even when his 'dad' must spend the day at the hospital, a quick trip to the clinic for a check up or just two friends enjoying the time they have been given. Now our black boy formally Hoytts Officer and a Gentleman CD is part of a 'Kids for Dogs' program and with his 'mom' who oversees a number of clinics with Scout at her side ('mom' is a veterinarian). Scout's other job, be well mannered gentle guy so the children can experience first hand how to care for their own pets - and yes Scout loves his public relations job.

Note: While we mentioned our Kids for Dogs Dobe Scout, a who residents in North Carolina and has been very busy for the last five years,  we have a second guy, Diablo about 100 miles northwest of Chicago who also wears many coats. The best pal to the children, buddy to 'dad' and mom's walking partner. Should add he is fast learning that he is also the guardian of his clan and pal to the Lab in residence. But just say "CLINIC" and he's heading to the door for his mom also a veterinarian with two clinics she needs help with. Like Scout, Diablo is being developed for a similar kids program. as Scout.

If we head south to central Florida we have Doctor 'dad' who has two Hoytt Dobes and his eldest has been 'working' at his 'dads' practice for the last eight years and now teaching the newest family member the ropes. Not only do these four Hoytt Dobes have to master our world - the world of humans, they also have to gain an understanding of the wide range of those of the canine world - but taking an overview of the situations just described know that success has come to these Hoytt Dobes not by my simply choosing the right Dobes but by their owners taking their responsibility after placement very serious. So readers our Dobes may be in a class of their own but success could not have come without equally special owners.   

While most of our  "next generation' producers are privately owned and acquired as Grand Victors there still are an impressive group of owners that add the education and step into the ring as a team after placement. An example of this...check out Taddy, formally Hoytts Meant to Be  in Owners Galley...learn what life is like when Companion qualities are combined with Competition obedience. And while Taddy was on her way to the top of the mountain, she took some time off to give of her self and her owner in a show of appreciation of what Tatty is to her people, this wonderful Dobe helped bring in "the next generation" in June 2011. In the mean time, Phoebe stepped up to represent everything the Hoytt Dobe can be and at this writing Hoytts Hidden Treasure is part of an elite group of twenty who reached the Doberman Pincher Club of America's Top 20.


Personality Protective and Energy Levels

Choosing the Right Education 

Educating the Doberman


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