Special "Special Offering" My Story

So when Marti can head to qualifying between client commitments, she too will receive her just degrees. The reality of this is that those who gain at times family names even before birth are the foundation of my success and must come first... but!!!

At House of Hoytt first pup reserved or last to be promised, selection is based on each buyers interests not the numeric  order of purchase. Rodeo was the last of her litter to be spoken.  My Marti was second to the last to be spoken for and Max the last from Marti's litter to gain a family.   

First or last it is individual character and client preferences that set the placement.  

Marti & Max - The story ... two Hoytt Dobes selected for a client who reserved their Choice pair with the Grand Victor Programs.  The reservations were received in mid 2006 when the purchaser projected his return to the States. These two were chosen by nine weeks of age, but in the fall of the following year we were asked to re-select for placement after January 2010. When my eldest passed away  (Hoytts Cara Mia CGC CD - Mimi to the family. Mia to the world), I knew my next was already part of my life...her name, Marti formally Hoytts Pretty Little Girl of Mine CGC RN. Now Marti was the second to the last of her litter of 10 to be without a last name but was the composite I had enjoyed in my personal Dobes of the past...Today my girl is London - Hoytts Bridge to my Heart CGC RN CD TDI along of course with my Lex - Hoytts Electric Cowboy CGC RN CD TDI

When a final decision was made that would now give Max a family and on the day the boy turned a year he was delivered to his new mom followed by a pretty one year old Custom Young Adult. A gift of love, devotion and protection to her fourteen year old daughter and of course a in a Hoytt Dobe formally known as Hoytt's Gentle Spirit CGC.  

  Now  Rodeo finished her Grand Victor program  with in part a High in Trial at a Doberman Specialty. Rodeo also was'also the last of her litter to be reserved.   

Now you know WHY a "Special Offering" DOBE that fits your needs was simply a lucky find?

Simply put, a great Hoytt Dobe who has not been spoken for, has not been left unattended.

Yet, without a last name and has no chosen direction.

So for the single or family looking to also enjoy a great Dobe you may save both time and money because this day you turned to our "Special Offerings" Gallery and find that very special companion.

So by all means give my office a call and set up a time to speak directly with me.