Stainless steel no-tip feeding dish


96 oz. Professional Grade Polished Stainless Steel No-tip Feeding Dish 

Product Description:

House of Hoytt has been using this brand of dish in our kennel for the last fifteen years.

We have not had to replace any due to structural failures, or for that matter when thrown against the wall to point out the fact that because you changed the much enjoyed feeding program Uncle Barrie used.

This poor Hoytt Doberman had to try and point out the bowl filled your way always seemed empty  -  it was so much better to know the table was always set. 

To date only one bowl needed replacing when the Beemer ran over it - no we do not replace damage done by a dog with an attitude even if it is a Hoytt - so this is a buy it now and you will never be ashamed that your Cover Dog Hoytt Doberman is being forced to eat out of some childish bowl with someone else's dogs pictures on it.

Product Features: 

Easy to Clean & dish washer safe

Feeding Bowl Set of 2 one for food one for water

Stainless Steel

Size: 96 ounce

 *To keep up with the latest TV claims - we give you a second one free.

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