The Works Kit


The Works KIT

Includes Nutrition Supplements

1- Big Red Clutch Ball 

Product Description:

Red Clutch Ball with indentations for easy gripping.

Both an interaction toy & personal entertainment, you throw the ball, you retrieve the ball while your Hoytt Dobe marvels at your intelligence. Of course you could train your Dobe to at least compromise and bring the ball to you, which we must admit is what families usually do. 

Product Features: 

Red in Color

Triangle Grip Notches

Heavy Duty Tear Resistant Latex

Squeak Built in

Size: 14 inches around 

Size: 5 inches


3 - 12" Pressed Rawhide anxiety/fun Treat 

Product Description:

Looks like a bone but is layered rawhide pressed together under 45,000 to 75,000 pounds of pressure.

Product Features: 

Lasts longer than tied raw hide.

Manufacturer handpicks the best of their stock just for us.

Not the pressed bones that are filled with left over floor cuttings.

Size: 12 inches x 3 inches


1 - German - Herm Sprenger working collar 

Available Sizes:  ??????????


1 - Flexi Lead 

Product Description:

The best of the big dog exercising retractable leads

Product Features: 

Made of ???????

Size 16 feet long 


1 - 90 Day Supply of POMALEEN OIL -  For a Healthy, Shiny Coat

Product Description: 

We are consistently asked how we keep our Dobes coats looking so lustrous and soft? Your bed buddy will have you searching to find hairs in the bed when he gets this Oil Daily. 

First if you have a Hoytt, we must give credit to genetic carryover qualities but then to enhance further we add our own special coat conditioner to the diet.

Available since 1969,


Add to Food as a topping or over VITA-MAX mix

 1 - teaspoon a day in the colder months

½ - teaspoon in the warmer months


*If your Dobe spends time at the Pool or Beach*

1 - teaspoon in the warmer months 

2 - teaspoons daily during the colder months


1 - 90 day Supply of VITA-MAX 

Product Description:

A blend of Vitamin A, D, E and C, gives the 'kid' an extra health boost without over-supplementation.

Directions for Use: 

1 - teaspoon (5 grams) per day ( For the lay-around Dobe

2 - teaspoons (10 grams) per day ) for the more active Dobermans. 


Story of VITA-MAX 

One of our trucker clients who as I understood at the time also had a ranch in the Rockies' sent us this concoction, enough to keep our personal Dobes covered for months and all we knew was it was a popular mix for his area and seemed to boost stamina while cutting down on the allergy and the many other skin related incidents including surface scrapes and scratches also seemed to accelerate repair.

Here we found that our wonderful little canine children with an exuberant personality until the loss of the baby teeth which some of you know are as sharp as a flay knife and puncture skin as easy as a pin will find a new victim daily.

No real concern since they are kids, kids just having fun. 

But the Dobe with its short coat when scratched or worse when the vet shaves six square inches before Applying even a basic antibiotic cream will take months for full re-growth.

The VITA-MAX  seems to speed healing and hair growth in our original group of canines, no matter the background history so injuries healed more quickly.

Today after more than thirty years adding this to our over 16 week olds diets find Vita-Max a great bonus - so until the ingredients are no longer available we will stead fast encourage this as the only other supplement addition to the Hoytt Dobes diet.


1 - 96 oz. Professional grade polished stainless steel no-tip feeding dish 

Product Description:

House of Hoytt has been using this brand of dish in our kennel for the last fifteen years.

We have not had to replace any due to structural failures, or for that matter when thrown against the wall to point out the fact that because you changed the much enjoyed feeding program Uncle Barrie used.

This poor Hoytt Doberman had to try and point out the bowl filled your way always seemed empty  -  it was so much better to know the table was always set. 

To date only one bowl needed replacing when the Beemer ran over it - no we do not replace damage done by a dog with an attitude even if it is a Hoytt - so this is a buy it now and you will never be ashamed that your Cover Dog Hoytt Doberman is being forced to eat out of some childish bowl with someone else's dogs pictures on it.

Product Features: 

Easy to Clean & dish washer safe

Feeding Bowl Set of 2 one for food one for water

Stainless Steel

Size: 96 ounce

 *To keep up with the latest TV claims - we give you a second one free.

1 - Frisbee 

Product Description:

Learning Frisbee with a "Pick-up on the flat side for the beginner. 

All the athletic Frisbee players learn when they are young, teach with the Hoytt recommended learner so your dobie has every advantage at learning the game.  

Product Features: 

Learning Toy

Pick-up - on the flat side 

Size: ??????

Mede of ??????


HOH - Tug Rope  

Product Description: 

Tug rope is 24 inches long or 2 feet with 3 grab knots. 

Fun for tug with other pets or people, long enough to put distance between you and your dobe to make a real game of tug of war.

Product Features: 

Rope is 24 inches Long

3 knots in Rope

(not a chew toy) 

for indoor play only.


1 - HOH - Long Haul - ROPE PULL

Product Description: 

Fun for the outdoors and the one seen with our Dobes on the many videos we offer at 60" in length it is the longest tug rope available.

(not available in stores)

Makes a great interaction toy for the Dobe and the kids in its life.

Also the only tug toy two or more Dobes can play with at the same time.

One of the most beautiful sights to see; Dobes pacing side by side sharing their Long Haul.

Also what safer way for kids and dogs to get into a great tug of war game - separated by feet not inches.

Product Features: 

60 inch Rope

Interactive Tug Toy

Rustic Outdoor Tug Rope

Great for Multiple Dog Play

Not a Chew Toy


Personal sleeping and relaxing area

1 – Bed and Relaxing Lounger is Overstuffed Only for Hoytt Customers

If you are having the kid educated before placement from SP2 and up, this is a must.

The Hoytt Dobe arrives home and/or the office and knows just where to settle in.

We use our stock to teach your kid to be nice with their beds and show them before placement these are their own personal space. But they will share with their family so do not stay away from them while they are on their bed.

So of course, you are welcome to join the kid - the newly educated fresh mind arrives and is ready to share its space with the family.

Should you have a multilevel home, two or more areas in your home that you spend a great deal of time in i.e. home office, den, media room, library or if you plan on taking your Dobe to the office perhaps you might wish to do what many of our clients have done.

Order one 43-inch round mattress for each of the important areas and do not forget the SUV or the folks you spend week-ends with.

It keeps the 'kid' organized. It's the Dobes own personal space.

$111.00 each Additional discounts for multiple beds (Call the Office for Details)

Color Choices are: Red, holly, khaki, plum, gray, blue, denim, tartan...My color choice even knowing the ladies have different ideas when it comes to color coordination than the guys, to go with the toughest and the denim is as tough as the jeans we wear. 

Now the dogs that like to fluff their beds, adjust what can't be adjusted by tearing most types up, now give you something to smile at.

Product Features: 

Size: 43-inch round

(Also comes in a 53 inch for 2 dobe family)

Added Details

They are so intent on getting their bed shaped just right before settling in, never giving up until they have every crevasse adjusted while from our point of view we see little change. 

Fortunately, while most other dog beds end up looking like the couch in a James Bond movie after Spectre agents took a knife to it looking for "the list" or the room ends up looking like a set for a Christmas snow scene our beds remain intact.

Add that we wash bed covers three to four times a day during the first week of a new group of pups beginning their house manners program and the covers retain their color.

But yes, they can wear out since there are 360 something nights of adjustment in just one year, but you will be impressed.

Product Features:

Over Stuffed

Durable material

Big enough for a dobe to relax and get comfortable

Heavy Duty Zipper

Washable Cover Zips off for washing



1 - CUSTOM LEATHER - Travel Lead Made in America

1 foot x 3/8th" latigo leather Travel Lead 

Gives you a short handle for the well-trained dog.

Also, a great tool for teaching the kid to wait until you give permission to step out the front door of your home, your office or also when teaching not to exit a vehicle until given permission.

Specially made for House of Hoytt

Consider this lead an extra grab handle. 

Keep an extra one in the cars

Product Features:


Made in the USA

Braided and Stitched, No Rivets

Teaching Tool

$16.45 Each

1 - Latigo Leather Working Lead 4 ½" feet Long

Once your Dobe has mastered its primary commands to the point where response is automatic this is a more comfortable working lead length

Product Features:


Made in the USA

Braided and Stitched, No Rivets

$19.45 Each


1 - Latigo Leather Working Lead 6' x ½"

Soft, hand-rubbed leather lead is an example of 'leather art' with multiple weaves at both your end and your canine friend's.

But we did not stop there for this stylish work of leather is also stitched at both ends, no metal rivets to weaken the strength of this accessory with brass snap.

Product Features:


Made in the USA

Braided and Stitched, No Rivets

$23.95 Each


NOTE: all our custom leather leads are similarly constructed. Remember the quality of our leather goods sometimes cost a few cents more but the life of your best friend can rest on poor design and low breaking points where rivets replace stitching.  USA made and designed and or selected to meet our standard of quality and we never cut corners. Top leather and stitching combines with actual leather weaving at the handle and snap. Cheaply made produced leads may cost the same even more and are prone to break at the point of stitching or at the staple point as well as the use of inferior quality metals in the clasp.  "Murphy's Law" states inferior products will show themselves at the wrong time.


The Story of Our Products: 


Our coat, heart and skin supplement comes to us formulated by Mitsubishi FI Inc. and shipped directly from their specialty food services plant here in the states.  It's beginning dates back in the sixties when a chemist client and friend put this together for his three Hoytt Dobes and of course my personal Dobes were added to this culinary 'treat'.


In part this was put together to counter the drying effect the Chicago winters on his three Hoytt Dobes and of course they were house dogs who likes the smell and the heat of his fireplace. 


His Dobes came in three colors, a fawn named Sandy, a Blue named Windy and a red named Fire.


Initially this concoction was called The Bakers Three ( for his three Dobes - his name Paul Baker ). 


When we began to offer this to Hoytt Dobe owners we changed the name to Natures Life Source but soon after re-named it POMALEEN so it would not be easily mistaken for any other canine conditioning products of the time.


All the best goodies and you never had to leave home.  Every product offered was chosen by Mr. Hoytt personally...Each product is examined before shipping, all products are shipped directly from our shop not through an intermediate and there will be no substitutes unless the change is discussed with you personally.  For those waiting for their new Hoytt Dobe, please place your order as soon as possible to assure all arrives before you new member arrives.


Note* See - PALMALINE 4 - Pack - to Purchase a years supply ( four bottles ) at the same time for just $115.00 and the daily cost of just 32 cents per day. 


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