Grand Victors

Grand Victors

Yes this is just one twenty-four month period - for more current see - Winner Circle - we have not had time to build the list.

We have been too busy building our Grand Victors but don't let that stop you from having us build you the worlds greatest response Companion Dobe.

A.K.C. Sanctioned Shows


Hoytts Caffeine Kick CDX
    Sigourney (Tennessee)
Hoytts Strawberry Daiquiri CD
    Daiquiri (Michigan)
Hoytts Fire Maiden CD
    Shannon (New York)
Hoytts Smoky Mountain Dream CD
    Sting (North Dakota)
Hoytts One Handsome Devil CD
    Odyssey (Texas)
Hoytts Captain Courageous CD
    Captain (Ecuador)
Hoytts Classic Beemer CD
    Beemer (California)
Maggie's Mischief Maker von Hoytt CD
    Phoebe (Illinois)
Hoytts Luck of the Draw CD
    Tag (Maryland)
Hoytts Pretty Little Angel Eyes UDX4
    Teak (Tennessee)
Hoytts Little Bit of Magic CD
    Magic (Oklahoma)
Hoytts Blast From The Past CD
    Nitro (New Jersey)
Hoytts Iron Blaze CD
    Blaze (New York)
Hoytts Standing Ovation CD
    Bravo (Michigan)
Hoytts Bit of Heaven CD
    Chelsea (Texas)
Hoytts Shining Star CD
    Hannah (Louisiana)
The Professor of Rhyme v Hoytt CD
    Professor (Pennsylvania)
Hoytts Baby Boomer CD
    Boomer (Michigan)
Hoytts Bodacious Rascal CDX
    Bo (Tennessee)
Hoytts Cinnamon Twist CD
    Cinnamon (Vermont)
Hoytts Courageous Warrior CD
    Spartan (Michigan)
Hoytts Cracker Jack CD
    Dune (Illinois)
Hoytts Dapper Dan CD
    Dante (Utah)
Hoytts Desert Dawn CD
    Macey (West Virginia)
Hoytts Grand Victor CD
    Bullet (California)
Hoytts Guardian of the Heart CD
    Zeus (Virginia)
Hoytts Jazz Woman CD
    Jazz (Ohio)
Hoytts Blue Curacao CD
    Primo (Illinois)
Hoytts Racing Red Rocky CD
    Rocky (Virginia)
Hoytts Smoky Mt. Odyssey CD
    Odyssey (Virginia)
Hoytts Jagged Guard of Progeny CD
    Jag (Tennessee)
Hoytts Southern Comfort CD
    Soco (California)
Hoytts Super Nova CD
    Nova (Utah)
Hoytts Wandering Peppermint Patty CD
    Patty (New Mexico)
Capulets Revenge Von Hoytt UD
    Romeo (New Jersey)
Hoytts Forever Yours CD
    Josey (Florida)
Hoytts Magic Man CD
    Rage (Pennsylvania)**
Hoytts Autumn Princess CD
    Jenny (Maryland)
Hoytts Kami Girl CD
    Kami (Florida)
Hoytts Thief of Hearts CDX*
    Kami (Utah)
Sahara Mirage von Hoytt CD
    Sahara (Virginia)
Hoytts Dream Weaver CD
    Nikki (Alabama)
Hoytts Game Master CD
    Maverick (Washington DC)
Hoytts Travellin Man CD
    Captain (California)
Hoytts Walking on Sunshine CD
    Ripley (Michigan)
Hoytts Wind Dancer CD
    Poco (North Carolina)


Bahamian Sanctioned Shows
Hoytts Caffeine Kick CDX
    Sigourney (Tennessee)
   Ch Hoytts Pretty Little Angel Eyes UD
    Teak (Tennessee)
Hoytts Sahara Moon CD
    Sahara (Nassau)
 Ch Hoytts Thief of Hearts CD*
    Kami (Utah)

* The youngest Dobe under AKC regulated shows to win the CDX.

** Brother and sister. Youngest Dobes to receive AKC Companion Dog title. 6 months 2 days of age (average score 188).

*** The Grand Victor Program was first formally offered in February 1997 before that date only established clients knew about the AKC advancement programs.



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