Training encouragement 10% discount


Puppies are so cute - should you really need a puppy fix and can travel do arrange to visit your developing Hoytt Dobe but leave the kid for the second greatest service we offer.  Plus as a client we will gladly let you party with the littlest and take care of the baby breath experience. 

Of course for those who can't travel we will be sending you photos and videos of your new kid

Now as an incentive let us add one or more of our training courses before placement and you will receive a 10% discount on the pup and it's education when reserved before birth. Plus video shorts and still photos could start before their eyes are even open and until placement. And an extra benefit, you will always know how fat and happy your kid is.

Wonder why other sellers don't offer this added piece of mind, after all it's your 'baby'.  

This discount program includes all our courses from Puppy Kindergarten to our extreme Grand Victor Program. But do understand this is a test and may end at anytime - ready to take us up on this discount just contact us to be sure it is still being offered - Deposit required $1000.00


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