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Every so often we offer what is called our Special Offering Video followed by a number; as of this writing we are preparing number nineteen of the series. In this video any available developing Hoytt Dobes and pre-owned Hoytt Dobes are presented along with some of our more recent placements for further study. The pricing of these Dobes are so varied that we cannot in this presentation or even on the video itself state the price at the time of the introduction for the new developing Dobes since they could be into another step of their training by the time you view the video.

As to the Pre-owned Hoytt Dobes, the Dobe who may have been placed new but taken back within a few months of original placement, will be discounted by 20% off its original price. The Dobe owned longer than a few months but still in its prime could be available at a discount as great as 50%. The Dobe who is over three years of age may be available at an even greater discount. If you find a pre-owned Dobe you like, presume nothing regarding price; pick up the phone and call us.


This video will take the viewer from the birth of a Hoytt Dobe through the varied stages of development to adulthood. Hundreds of client owned Hoytt Dobes are presented to give the viewer a broad range of the style and type of the Dobe known as the American Bred Super Dobe ... $15.00 plus postage. (add $5.00 for DVD).
(Defense Training As A Skill)
Dozens of Hoytt Dobes are represented. This tape introduces the viewer to the way protection training is added without altering the dogs basic character. A must for anyone who is considering a protection trained dog or having their dog trained. Watch this before you start interviewing local trainers ... $15.00 plus postage. (add $5.00 for DVD).


Every few months we put together a tape on developing Hoytt Dobes that have not been spoken for as well as introducing any of the Pre-owned Dobes we may have available. You may find the Dobe of your dreams in this presentation ... $30.00.


If you are interested in learning how we educate our canines for home, companion obedience and/or ring competition, Study Time is a must. Also a plus for selecting the level of training you may have us add to your canine friend prior to placement. Also introduces you to programs for Dobes already with their families.
Note that we have trained and titled more dogs of a specific breed in American Kennel Club competition then  any other trainer/breeder or owner and have achieved this mostly with youngsters under eight months of age. In almost every showing we have the youngest competitors that qualify showing against dogs many years older then the Hoytt Dobes. Available in both DVD & Video format for just $45.00 (add $10.00 more for DVD Package)
Purchase the complete package with more then eight hours of viewing for just $70.00 plus postage. To order any of our video or DVD Packages call 865-397-9887 or e-mail us for the total with shipping charges, and we accept Bank Cards. Express & Overnight Delivery also available. 3/05