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UPDATE 2021...None of America back in 1955 knew that seventy six years later, our transport service would allow our clients to stay safe in their "Island in the sun" while awaiting the arrival of their first or next Hoytt Dobe.

Our latest personal delivery left the kennel on Fathers Day 2021 with Cody, arriving three days later to his new family in Tucson AZ. 

Know from Atlanta to Chicago, San Antonio to Minneapolis, Phoenix to Boston, Houston to The Keys our driver team have traveled across the US over 900,000 miles to deliver exceptional Dobes as companions to those seeking the finest of old line American breeding with the first AKC registered Hoytt in 1958 - Ch. Hoytt's Poco CD. also Mr. Hoytt's first personal Dobe.   





           Post Pandemic update - 76 years of professional services at a one on one personal level.




View pictures of Cody further into this page and note too this boy was born 12-12-20 - by age he is still considered a pup and by general dog experts just about old enough to begin training yet note Cody was a graduate of the our Custom Young Adult Program with extended travel training and was not caged even in the hotels during his ride home. Again professional services at a personal level.  No cages, no cargo vans and we limit our deliveries to two student canines unless we are returning or picking up two or more from Hoytt families with two or more of our Dobes. If you are new to Hoytt know we are not a public service organization, offering services only to Dobes who were born here - added health protections. I should add that since we also whelp all our Dobes here we must be very careful about contagions so even boarding services are only for Hoytt Dobes.

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