Caspian - Presidents Choice - formally Hoytts Defender of Honor BN CD CGC TDI/ Mr. Hoytt's next generations boy and second in command to his London. see his early training video at the end of his photos


Barrie Hoytt here; Well after decades of creating Grand Victors for clients I decided to welcome a GV into my life so everyone Caspian is now my boy officially. And became a dad 12-15-18 with a second litter due July 25th with Hoytts Baroness Greta Hoytt CGC. 

Give us a year and you too can enjoy your own super educated star of the Doberman world from your best buddy, traveling companion and to personal guardian. Grand Victors can be girls or boys, red, black, fawn or blue so now here's my push. Go for it while you can and remember the Grand Victor is the aristocrat of the Doberman world and so you know we have developed GV's for clients over one-hundred years of age which in itself is a wonderful story of a gentleman's dream come true.

Below is what I initially said about Caspian when he could be found on my Available  Page...Caspian is now available having gained his seventh training level the beginning of June. But first know Caspian is quite important to the Hoytt Line so we have serious considerations.   And for those interested who are well established clients you don't have to wait a year from birth to completion as most of our clients must do who seek the most life experiences at the youngest age level at time of placement.


Caspian is quite a find for before their new Dobe joins the family,  like those families that have given their children the best schools and willingly now in their new canine put aside a few weeks of CUTE for the well educated young adult.  What remains when the boy steps into your life is to guide him in the finer details of it's new life for this future family member has learned so much about life rules before he steps into your heart and home, he will also be ready for those "out and about" times. 

Now for those who know Pearl and Lex know why we want to protect their genetic chain and seek a Breeding contract placement exclusively with an individual or family who have been with us for decades. 

Canine Education: Super Pup Level One. Super Pup Level Two, CYA Level One, CYA Level Two. Canine Good Citizens Certification. AKC trials with title gain in Beginners Novice & Companion Dog titles. And of course his house manners as well as his public manners are excellent. 

More Details: Definitely the ultimate pup but Caspian went on to reach for the stars and now "he is the Star".  This boy is from Lex and Pearl's retirement litter and could be available to those already part of the Hoytt family. Should you wish your own Caspian without a breeding contract it takes eight to twelve months from selection and around $25,000.00. Best add if you also are within a 100 miles of us we are ready to do some serious price adjustments if your situation is everything we want for this boy. Know he is more then just a favorite child for he also is one of Mr. Hoytt's personal Dobes. Even London (Pearl's sister) loves him. And for sure he is a great "yes dear" guy.    

Birth & Family Information: Scroll to the bottom of Caspian's photo presentation where we have added both Lex formally Hoytt's Electric Cowboy and Pearl formally Hoytt's Unspoken Rule. 

Pearl and Lex's kid

born 6-6-17

male Black

Note: We have held one of Caspian and Scylla's pup born 12-15-18 currently known as Baby "C" for our more complex programs - here's your time to get a "baby Caspian" without waiting up to a year. Hopefully if you are interested in the "BEST OF THE BEST" you can invest what you will prefer not to mention to non-Hoytt dog owners - those folks have no idea what they are missing nor do you need to try and explain why you invested at the level of this boy so we have not made what your investment would be. Send in your Client Profile before you pick up the phone to talk with Mr. Hoytt about baby "C". Do note Hoytt Dobe owners will totally understand how great these highly educated Dobes are about and understand the investment level. 

NEWS WORTHY ... baby "C" has been placed and now lives part time in Louisville and Dandridge.  And you bet his family are Hoytt Dobe owners since the mid nineties. And in the fall a pretty little blue girl from Miska and Kodiak named Dolly will be joining the family. 







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