***WOW...Our newest babies born 12-25-21






Want an exceptional example of the breeders art in style, intelligence, sense of humor, social qualities and still retain the DOBERMAN? FIRST & FORMOST IT HAS TO BE A HOYTT. For starters here are the parents of our newest pups born 12-25-21. 

Now if you are about bringing smiles to shut ins, be those in care facilities or medical centers. Maybe taking part in educating children from grade school back to pre-school and love the idea of doing this with a Doberman that beats a great deal of the DEVIL DOG LOOK, really the fears some of the general public show with the dark colors may cause us to laugh a bit since we know just how sweet and sensitive our Hoytt Dobes are. But whatever the color a really great occupation for many Hoyt Dobes in all colors come as the single owner or couples Emotional Support Companion.* 

Of course if you want to take FULL ADVANTAGE of the reputation as a serious protector who will probably not be a therapy dog or a service dog, will like your canine to scan 360 degrees when you leave the business or vehicle. Maybe like the fact that as the two of you leave your home your Hoytt Dobe is looking for humans or animals that should not be on the property. Of course color has nothing to do with ability, that's an inherent quality you can cultivate to varied levels with guidance. Actually while we compete in AKC obedience trials and title with the youngest average age at title, here's an interesting brag. One of our fawns, Romeo formally Capulets Revenge V Hoytt was just six months (the earliest they can enter trials) was six months and two days old when he gained his first title (CD) then went on to gain the CGC, RN, CD,CDX, UD, WAC., BH, WH, OB3. Privately loved to just be his mom's best bud, liked to ride around in his owner's convertible best top down and would play Frisbee until your arm cramped and when with us he loved to socialize. But don't mess with his mom then he was all DOBERMAN.

NOTE: Our most requested educations before placement, our Super Pup 2 and Custom Young Adult courses.

But maximum Doberman respond by the public besides ability would be a Dobe of the darker colors. But public acceptance while still respecting the breeds capabilities can still be gained by the softer appearance of the FAWN, BLUE.& reds. And we remind readers that around the world our colors and coat quality go unmatched be the kid Red, Fawn, Blue or Black. And usually there is only a slight lighting beginning of the different coat tones around eight years of age. Note in the last quarter of 2021 three fawns and a red all over 12 year of age passed on but looked much younger and had full coats. That's both great care and excellent genetics. Much different then Dobes or dogs in general who have body odors and shed quite bit due to medical problems or inherent nervousness who will also begin to lose their color years earlier then Hoytt Dobes. 

* See -  "If I should die tomorrow" and learn what we do when a Hoytt Dobe has to be re-homed. Any questions you have related to our web site do feel free to call the office directly at 865-397-9887 or if you are a client and remember where you made the note call Mr. Hoytt on his private lines. 



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