Crowe's Blue Maximus von Hoytt / Ooltewah TN - pups born 9-3-18


Crowe's Blue Maximus von Hoytt...Born on the most important day of 2016, May 8th Max's birthday. He was just about fist size at birth when I promised him a great life. I just had to select the right family for the boy. Actually his human family, clients since 1993 sought a Hoytt Dobe who would be the best friend to their almost year old grand daughter Charlotte and her three year old big sister Georgia who are regular visitors.

The additional photos of Max with his young wards say more then words can describe about this Hoytt Dobe's temperament. Understand as fine a companion and I should add a protector, it was also the Hoytt Dobes behind this handsome guy that lead me to ask if Max could bring in a new generation.


NOTE: For your information color variables in all four colors are controlled at the time of the shoot by the brightness or lack of sunlight. If we only have a Dobe here as a visitor or like Max a partner in creating a new generation we have to either leave photos out or accept what nature has allowed us. In Max case we were able to add family furnished photos which show off his actual color tones as well as his outstanding companion and guardian side. Well take my word for it he is still all DOBERMAN. Go to Zoey's page to see Max's sweetheart and their kids.


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