Quick Brace Comments


Just wanted to say thank you again, for a product so simple yet highly effective!  The vet that did our boxer's ears wanted nothing to do with the kit I had purchased from you, stating that he and he alone would tape his ears, blah, blah, blah.  Yeah whatever.

Luckily, after the surgery, they were not already taped.  After the initial week when we took him back to have the stitches removed, he felt the ears needed another week to heal up a bit more before they were taped.  Whew!  Needless to say the appt that was made for the taping was conveniently 'forgotten' and I have not had our boy back there since!  The vet did an amazing job on the crop, I just didn't like his non-receptive attitude towards an idea that might actually be better than 'his' way.

Anyway - I digress ... although his ears actually started to stand on their own, we braced them anyway to alleviate any potential 'laziness' in either of his ears, ensuring the correct stance.  My husband and I couldn't have been more pleased with the results!  And no worries with any infections!  I just wish some of these 'old school' vets that still do cropping would be a bit more open to your bracing method.  It is just simply, by far, a superior way from the old fashioned taping.  Had it not been for your braces, we would have ended up not getting his ears done, just because I couldn't bring myself to put our boy through all that horrible taping!

I've enclosed a picture of our 'little one' in his favorite spot in the entire house - on the sofa in the family room!  =)

The Hemme Family








Dear Mr. Hoytt,

I just wanted to say how great the Quick-Brace has worked for us with both of our Dobermans! We constantly get compliments on how our oldest Doberman Angel look’s and I believe proper ear stance contributes to that beauty and our youngest, Sabian is perfectly happy wearing the brace and it looks so much better than other methods we’ve seen on other dogs! I love that it’s fairly easy to apply and remove and somewhat flexible if the ears are bent laying down or playing, but still come back to correct form when pressure is released…

…looking at your web page again when we were about to crop our youngest Doberman’s ears and wanting to buy braces pre-surgery. I saw a picture of a young Doberman with an e-collar and realized this was Angel the day she came home from the vet before we put on the brace. The implication was that we are shameful and barbaric owners when we submitted this picture to you as a before brace picture that was accompanied with a brace picture of her. That picture was right after she had gotten home from the cropping surgery and the vet had put the e-collar on and taped it, making it very hard for us to get it off as we didn’t want the impairment along with the hindrance of the collar. They told us they were required to issue and fit them and if we wanted we could take it off against their recommendation when she got home, which we did after this picture. You may blame the vet for the e-collar, but we did our best for her comfort…

…I can give you before, during and after photos of the crop and bracing and if you’d like to show the picture of the e-collar I would appreciate if you put up the other photos as testament that we are not horrible abusive owners, but how much more comfortable the braces are. This was our intent on taking these pictures and I will thank you for showing the whole picture. Believe me it will still help your business to see all of them as done with the boxer. Also I believe it would be beneficial for new business if you had a feedback page where you took quotes and/or photos from customers with good experiences for new and nervous clients to reassure themselves further from the customer point of view. Below are the pictures and I’ll be checking back to see the site’s progress. :o)

Thank you,


From: Sonja Gilligan <sonjagilligan@optonline.net>
Subject: Photos and appreciation of Quick Brace
To: Gail <ears@hoytt.com>

Hi Gail:

I had ordered the Quick Braces for my Great Dane, Fred (b. June 25, 

08). After his ear surgery in late August, and the initial healing of 

his stitches we used the Quick Brace method for a total of 4 plus 

months. His ears looked fabulous from the very beginning when we 

changed braces once a week. After a while, I started to leave off the 

braces for 24 hours on the weekend to give him a breather. Now we 

have permanently taken off the braces since the latter part of 

January and his ears continue to look upright and wonderful.
I want to thank you or whoever came up with the idea for this method. 

It's so light. The post doesn't have to sit down in the pocket of his 

ears, a great advantage since he found that imposition very 

distressing and tended to want to get rid of the bandages. I also got 

pretty adept at putting on the glue, letting it dry and propping the 

brace into place without any help from my husband. I quickly learned 

that I must add the masking tape because he could easily catch his 

foot or tree branches through the brace opening. It ended up looking 

a little like a rigged sail, but it didn't bother him at all. He was 

much more cooperative than our previous Danes when it came to 

tolerating the old-fashioned posting of their cropped ears.

If you want to use this e-mail on a web-site, please do. 

Best regards,

Sonja Gilligan


I have three Dogo Argentinos. All of them have had their ears crop. The last two we used your brace system and their ears are perfect but the first ones ears are much less than perfect. It looks like one ear is shorter than the other and kinked. When I watched the video you had shown a dog with this same problem. You didn't use the Quick Brace for this but some kind of roll you called a soft roll. Would I be able to buy that from you? Or is that something I can get somewhere else? She will be showing in a couple of months and need to get the ear trained before that if possible. 

Thank you again for your great system! Wish I would have known about it before. 



West Chicago, Illinois

Dear Mr. Hoytt and Staff, 
I can't begin to tell you how grateful we are for your support and instructions as to using the Quick Brace system with our Harlequin Great Dane pup. "Ares" had a late start getting his ears cropped in the first place, 11 weeks old when normally Danes are done 7-8 weeks, so we were getting concerned whether they would stand properly or at all. Received the usual 5 pounds of tape from the vet which lasted 4 days on Ares before he had it off. By then the quick brace system came and applied it as instructed. Well we couldn't be happier, within 4 weeks the ears are PERFECT and didn't require months and months of taping. Our other Dane spent 4 months of massive taping before his ears stood up, but that was before we ever heard about quick brace. Ear stance is a extremely important look on Great Danes, like with Dobe's, it makes the dog look regal and we like that look, or like you said "get a coon hound." Again, thank you for all your support and for the quick ! brace system. Forever in your debt, Joni Herbert and Ares (my beautiful Harlequin Great Dane!)


From: John & Sharon <rz-zrt@***.net>

Subject: A Word of Thanks

To: barrie@hoytt.com


Mr. Hoytt,

  I am writing to thank you for sending us the quick brace. Yes I have only received it two days ago but it has made our Dobie, Abigail, my wife and I so much more at ease when working with her ears. We were using the tampon method (that we used 20 years ago on our 1st Dobes) and it was working good, but we were doing almost daily changes as we have been enjoying the best of the Alaska spring weather lately and she was getting pretty dirty everyday as a puppy should. The quick brace has now allowed us to clean her up without a full tape change or the 30 to 40 minutes it was taking to make the change. The 1st thing that was noticeable was the ease of the attachment, the second was the form of the ears in the brace, and last but not least no more worries at how tight the tape was.

  We thoroughly enjoyed your video and when I say we that includes our 5 year old rescued rottie, Beemer. He is also a big fan of Animal Planet. We have done numerous rescues over the last 20 years of both Rotties and Dobes with great success. With my recent retirement from the military, my wife and I deciding to be home employed, we had decided to spend our time raising and training a Dobie puppy. I hope to visit you sometime here in the near future and thank you first hand.

  Thanks again for providing the Quick Brace. You are correct when you said in your video about this being a very humane method. I would really like to get a hold of those vets and breeders that were attaching the headgear and make them wear a comparable item for a month.



John and Sharon ***ie

Chugiak, Alaska