Custom Young Adult - CYA



Note from the trips for travel introduction, behavior and visits to expand socialization befor placement. This too allow us to further prepare the pup for both life in your world on and off your property further refining the Dobes alphabet. While giving the new student a taste of life outside the home, during these trips we begin to teach travel manners. We are also working on the young Dobes motion sensitivity. 

The CYA course can be looked at as we would our child receiving a learners permit to drive after they had graduated from Drivers Ed. The child may be allowed to take the car to a friend’s house in the area the day they receive their Permit, as my son did this memorable day in his life. Of course I said yes - it's a guy thing but did add "Let's ask your mom". However, my yes was easily said for my son did not ask if he could take his friends to the coast to those cities in the songs us kids have been listening to since we all were old enough to realize there is a big world to explore once you are handed the 'keys'. 

My son knew he would no longer have to wait on his parents to take him places. OUTSTANDING! But it is also the guided experiences before the adventures that builds responsible actions through understanding new rules with freedom. My son and I spent 1000's of miles riding together before drivers ed. But still without additional experiences in our local area, he was still not allowed to head to the beaches with his friends.

Our programs give the young Dobes guided experiences before the adventures of having their own family and the rooms full of new interesting prizes, but for sure already had begun introduction of a new world of rules. This in turn helps the canine better understand their new responsibilities and you as the new 'parent' or parents then take over. Should you want to further expand your new Hoytt's Dobes knowledge before joining you we have the Presidents Course and the extreme Grand Victor Program. These last two will have to be discussed with Mr. Hoytt personally for besides costs they add four to seven months to the canine students' time at Camp Hoytt. 

But I should point out our Super Pup Level Two is our most popular of our preplacement programs many times just so the new kid gets home faster.  

 $5,995.00 includes room and board and incorporates the cost of Puppy Pre-School Advanced, SP1 & SP2. But do remember to add the cost of the pup with our extensive medical completion program services and the health tests completed before placement adds $4995 to the price of the pup.  To add the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification the cost is an additional $560.00. Evaluator and AKC CGC filing fees included.

Crate Training, a Safe House, for your new Hoytt Dobe when left alone in the beginning adds $300.00  


            The AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification

Normally we know from the start when the pup will face an AKC evaluator for the Canine Good Citizen Certification which adjustments toward the CGC requirements can be started even while still in the Super Pup Programs which could help to shorten the time your new kid is in school here rather then entering a new program. 

The Canine Good Citizen program is a two-part testing program that stresses basic obedience skills and basic good manners plus, all dogs who pass the 10-step CGC test receive the certificate from the American Kennel Club. The CGC is a plus for those who will do Therapy work and will go for the Therapy Dog International degree (TDI). Or train for Service Dog Programs. Go back to the menu to learn the details of the CGC.




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