Past Placed Dobes

Past Placed Dobermans 

Beemer ...Placed - Heathland New Brunswick Canada







The latest snippets (10-20-16) on all eleven Cassie's pups with cameo's of Gracie Anne's pups in training and a few other starts of the Hoytt canine family.

Placed last 18 months or reserved finalizing requested services.

To all who have welcomed my Dobes into their lives over the last five decades, thank you. Now as we are heading into the last weeks of summer perhaps you should think about reserving the next addition to your family if you've been planning on this year to welcome your next or your first Hoytt Dobe into your life.

Also keep in mind that once a pup is old enough to begin training we will have the kid two to six more months depending on the selected program. 

When considering a Grand Victor or Presidents Choice those courses mean eight to twelve months of training.

Our last litters for 2016 placement are in their final stages before placement most have families, those available can be seen on our Available page.

Gracie formally Hoytts Golden Girl, a strikingly beautiful fawn who's name emphases' her color honored us with eleven new super stars. And what we can say with a smile, Cassie formally Hoytts Sable Contessa tied with Gracie with her own eleven super stars in what appears to have been a contest between the girls or perhaps between the sires Magnum and Lex.  

Garcie and Cassie have photo presentations in our Planned Parenthood section along with their mates.

Recently placed, reserved and/or in training.

Knoxville TN - Sinatra formally LexLin's Chamber of the Board CGC BN CD 



  What a great start for 2017.  On the right Sarah who will be heading to established clients in Maple Valley WA and her brother Luis to an other established client dating back to 1992 in Morgantown WV.   








     Cassie formally Hoytts Sable Contessa CGC B

Boston MA...Cooper    

   Evansville IN...Diesel - Look out world I've almost graduated 



Punta Gorda FL - Dolly formally Hoytts Princess Blue - this little one will have some big shoes to fill, Dolly is a living memorial to a great Dobe who crossed the bridge.  Her folks had the time to spend on training so the princess went home right after we finished her medical.






Some of Princess Blue's litter mates can be home before 2017 arrives if leaving us as a medically finished pup or through the Super Pup course.  Custom Young Adult programs even with the Caine Good Citizen Certifications could be finished by Valentine's Day 2017 depending on when reserved.

Boca Raton FL - Dallas - Dallas & Anderson between training classes 11-25-16 


 Louie "The First"... soon to be the young king of 





 Hoytts Golden Girl CGC   TDI - Gracie Anne gave us eleven little jewels on 6-30-16

 Each will one day leave us and go on to make a name for themselves, but I'll hold my comments about their mom and just let you all know that her owner sent us her feelings in a letter found in our "Straight from the heart" page.

New Brunswick Canada...Beemer

We made it!  Sorry I'm late getting back to you.  Thank you so very much for sharing your life with us at the ranch.  What a beautiful layout you have and so very dog friendly. The love you have for your Dobes shows in the care that is used in the set-up of your facility.  Even more, that love, care and training results in Dobermans that are above and beyond what anyone might hope for.
     We left Dandridge at about 11:00 am and got as far as Harrisburg on Saturday.  Beemer was a joy to travel with, although he didn't really understand "Do your business" and seemed to be waiting to "get back home" to take care of that.  Every time we got out of the car he seemed to say, "No, this isn't it!"  Back in the car he laid his head on the console and looked up as if saying, "Are we there, yet?"
     We got to Hayman Hill at 7:00 PM Sunday night (8:00 our time).  By then it was dark, Beemer looked around and probably thought, "Where the heck are we now?" Beemer is quite a good teacher, too.  My housekeeping is improving quickly.  He has a way of reminding me to put things away immediately rather than leaving it for later.
      Beemer is quickly beginning to relax and enjoy his new home.  He was surprised to find that the white stuff lying on the grass outside could actually be walked on, and it tastes good, too!  New Brunswick can be cold in March but he has found a way to beat that as he enjoys lying in front of the fire gnawing on a bone. 
      We missed our Rocky very much. Now we have Beemer whose name is like the car, but it could be Beamer because he "lights up our life and gives us hope to carry on".  Thank you so very much, Barrie, for allowing us to adopt such a wonderful, loving being. God bless you, your staff and all the wonderful Dobes!
Wanda & Bob
PS Thank you also for letting Carol spend such precious time helping us to understand her methods of training, and the "inner-workings" of Beemer's brain.  She is a fantastic trainer and a wonderful, caring person.  It was a pleasure meeting her and we really appreciate her advice. 

  Lafayette LA...Ezra -


Texarkana TX - Brick - In early 200O Brick's mom welcomed in her first Hoytt Dobe, a handsome Blue named Ice. When the time was right a pretty red head named Blossom who had been part of our breeding program joined the family. A decade later with the passing of Ice, Troy one of our retiring key line boys and a graduate of the Presidents Choice programs stepped up. Like Ice but in fawn this guy was also an extremely fine example of the breed which of course was expected plus coat texture and tones breeders would die for. Now given the honor of selecting what has to be seen as a living memorial to those Hoytt Dobes who have passed this young red will step into his new life right after the new year after completing the CYC CGC programs. And yes, there is already talk about Bricks future lady. 

Glen Mills PA ...Fritz - Eighteen years ago Fritz's mom's parents welcomed  a young adult named Zoko into their lives. When I asked Fritz's mom what was something unique about Zoko she remembers, I received the following. "Zoko had his own throw pillow and like humans when he napped he put his head on it -he would even go and get if from the upstairs bedroom and bring it down when told "go get your pillow".   Ten years ago Fritz's soon to be family welcomed in  their first Hoytt,  his name Yuki.  I then asked about Zoko's family because today they have  Jetta who is just days away from her ninth birthday and Olivia who turns two in a few weeks. Now the two girls and Yuki  live within ten minutes of each other. So I asked a second question. If Yuki could talk , what would he say about the two girls which he visits at least three times a week.  "I like going to visit them so much that when its time to leave I hide behind the couch and pretend I live with them". Well Zoko will soon be celebrating Thanksgiving with his own live in friend. By the way Zoko likes peanut butter, cheese and sitting with his butt on the couch and his front legs on the floor. His way of beating the rule "do not get on furniture". And since I mentioned the other Hoytt Dobes who will soon be part of Fritz's life, see the pictures below our young star. 


Olivia at two will soon not be the baby of the group


Wildwood MO - Viper - Eight months before these photos were taken her new dad had called to discuss the possibilities of a Hoytt Dobe for the family. At the time I was told a Dobe had been on their minds for twenty years.  In august  Viper's soon to be daddy took the next step in securing this little girl. In a follow up text I referred to her purchase with the following "Twenty years in the making...excellent" in part related to the previous text I received. Vipers new dad responded "LIKE WORLD CLASS WINES MADE OVER MANY DECADES. THANKS". Viper is now in training and will be here through the Custom Young Adult  - Canine Good Citizen  program.  As the months pass and this youngster changes into a elegant young adult photos will be added.  We try to send  photos as a youngster changes since most of our "Available Dobes" could be presented not long after birth like our little silver girl  above out of Cassie.




Franklin NC...Hanz - 


Hoytts Unspoken Rule CGC RN     Pearls pups were born 5-18-16

Havanna Florida - Flame - This pretty red head will soon be with her family who have enjoyed Hoytt Dobes since 2002 and now the only thing left before she heads home is to complete her Super Pup Program and if she ever needs a doctor,  her daddy owns the clinic.


UPDATE 9-18-16 - After their long drive home we received this text...Daddy writes-We have been home about an hour now, Flame acts like she grew up here. Very playful and exuberant. Climbed into my lap in the recliner. So much like our last girl from you! PS. My four year old rode with me and Flame and Reagan have a love affair already!


Scottsdale AZ - baby Lex - When one has lost a great Dobe* a conflict of feeling can bring tears of sorrow one minute and  smiles of some special behavior in moments now past that will remain well etched in the mind. These unique character patterns can be traced back to the last two to three generations of its family but only the creator of the Line through one on one experience could choose the best composite.  After a number of discussions about Luke the Dobe now past, I was sure this baby, now known as baby Lex would be a most rewarding addition this family. A Dobe who would go on to be a wonderful living memorial to their now lost friend. At three weeks of age a compact little creature from our Lex and Pearl was chosen.  About two weeks later the photo far left was taken. Not only is this the normal sleep habit of our Lex it was also a popular position their Luke relaxed in. Once this baby finishes his CYA CGC programs and is home a few weeks I know more of these unique memories of a great Dobe past will come to light.

Cumberland RI - Jackson - This boy has quite the personality and the looks to match.  Now having completed the CYA CGC programs with only his final AKC CGC evaluation, he'll head home to a  family who have been part of our family since before 2000.

Will Jackson be surprised on his arrival when he realizes his people know how the mind of a great Hoytt Dobe works and know exactly what he's been taught. The pictures on the left and right were taken on a 

quick stop by during a vacation trip. When Jackson heads home he will be taken to Atlanta by one of our staff and fly directly to Boston.



Both boys flew home 10-20-16 on direct flights from Atlanta to their life destinations


Durham NC - Berkeley - This boy may look more laid back during his adult life but its a sight of hand trick since it's his natural ears that set him apart from most Hoytt Dobes but for sure he's 100% an American Super Dobe.  Berkeley was home by July 30th since he left us following our medical completion program less crop. I should add that Berkeley's mom reserved him eight weeks before his birth.

Waynesville, NC - Hondo in CYA CGC training and when he's done there is a pretty young adult named Liea awaiting his arrival


Sinatra - formally LexLin's Chairman of the Board Von Hoytt


Hoytts Jersey Girl CGC  "Reservations closed"

Valencia CA - Xena - This California girl is dreaming of the day she steps into the arms of her new family. Clients since 2002 this youngster will have some serious paw prints to follow so she is committed to completing our Custom Young Adult program with the CGC certification first.


Jacksonville AR - Sansa - Since the late nineties this little girl's family have been part of our family and fall of 2015 I was once again given the honor of selecting a handsome black and rust boy to fill the void left by their previous Hoytt Dobes. His name is Sagan who is presented further into this section, he is now home. Now the star of this moment is this pretty little lady who has begun her CYA CGC programs.  Sansa and Sagan will probably be part time therapy dogs but for sure full time companions and the guardians of their family.


Fuquay-Varina NC - Maya - This pretty blue girl will find a very personable flashy excited Hoytt named Starrk on her arrival.  Starrk was this families first introduction to the Hoytt Dobe when he headed home June of this year. However we rarely place two at the same time, instead allow the first to settle in and master the new rules of life with it's new family, an extra plus when the second arrives. Maya will join her family in late fall after completion of her CYA CGC program.

 For those just starting their research know that at least half our clients have pairs which can bring much more then twice the joy, a great deal more on the side of  physiological security  and with the correct guidance keep each other company when not getting attention from their people. 

Santa Ana CA - Dash - For all who have been following Jersey Girls pups since their  appearance on our first page this was our Brisco now known as Dash.  Completing his Super Pup Programs,  in time what we've learned from our many discussions, this boy will have a very busy life for not only will he be the children's friend and guardian,  he will travel with his family around town when ever possible and go to 'the office' a few days a week.  His immediate family besides mom and dad will be two boys, two and six with other family members regularly visiting including an elder with a smaller canine.



On 10-22-16 both the boys flew direct on out of Atlanta to their respective Life destinations

Ooltewah TN...Bleu - While this boy's family acquired their first Hoytt over two decades ago, occupation and perhaps their retiring relocation kept  them from making a new commitment. Now with more free time they welcomed in their next Hoytt into the family. This handsome blue boy left here right after medical services were completed. In his new home he will have many extended family members including the young ladies in the pictures that follow. 




Delray Beach FL ... Luna -


Roxie kids

Vestal NY - JD - In the real word of great companion canines the last one available in a litter could simply be the kid with the most education. I am happy to say JD not only officially became a Grand Victor July 30, in all three winning days he was the youngest in competition and gain title at the top of his class. Set to go home August 20th we will be adding more of his new families comments later in the month along with photos. Note JD's youngest handler is eight year old Breyahna one of JD's younger friends who visit the Dobes weekly.

Knoxville TN...Pharaoh - After this young adult male finishes the Presidents Choice Course  he heads home to an other Hoytt Dobe also a  Presidents graduate of this most complex companion dog program Cassie will begin upon arrival to teach him to be a good "yes dear" man. Of course living the last months of home rules under my care he has already been taught by my London and other visiting female Hoytts that he must be a gentleman.      


Franklin TN...Juno - In her first photo it would appear that she has just wispered to her new daddy " Nice cologne". Every now and again we will have client who must change their placement plan. Sometimes moving their reserved Dobe into the next program would handle the time delay. Otherwise a new placement date is set and the time the almost owners needed meant selection from a to be born.  Now a few weeks before the need to find Juno a new family, the folks pictured here reserved a pup that was just finishing its medical servces and then head home after their pup graduated from CYA CGC programs.  When we realized Juno was everything this family wanted, a call was made and Juno's new family excitedly set her departure date at July 7th. It took only a few days for Juno to adjust to her new home & walks in through neighborhood.       
























Sanford FL...- What happens when you come to pick up your Presidents Choice and you meet a most impressive very affectionate eight month old Grand Victor named Maddi.  You might ask is she is avaiable and at the time I would of smiled and said NO.  But within the first hour of thier visit getting final instructions before they head home with their Rex formally Hoytts Rocket Man CGC RN CD TDI  and after being swayed by Rex's owners I sent them head home to think about their request.  Today Sanford Flordia now has two new President Choice garduates. Word has it the four of them are coming to DobeFest, I hope they make it.

Hampsead TX ... Star -formally Hoytts  Texas Star CGC BN has just finished the Grand Victor Course and now is in the final months of schooling to finish her under the Presidents Choice program. Her folks have been part of the Hoytt family since the nineties.  Star's mom Cassie formally Hoytts Sable Contessa CGC RN CD TDI will be our final litter for 2016 where some of her pups will be able to head home before the new year. Go tofor additional information on Cassie and her mate.

Fulton MO ... Sierra - formally Hoytts Sierra Sky CGC BN CD  finished her Presidents Choice Program on a Sunday and her family picked her up the next day.  The family had been patiently waiting since Sierra was selected at six weeks of age then completed the Super Pup One & Two course, Custom Young Adult program, graduated the Grand Victor Program and of course the top companion education in the world - our Presidents Choice program.


 Brooksville  FL...Lacey - formally Hoytts Chantilly Lace  CGC BN  finished her  Grand Victor program and was home the day comes with a Lacey was  born on hetts Sable Contess a was due in a 72 hour window and reserved their yet her wins photo wasr new daddy's birthday. Her future family knew weeks before that Hoytt taken. Her  folks had reserved a to be born Lacey has a fun story. o be born Lacey on September 2th 2015. Go back to the top of this page and meet Bindi  reserved June 27th by their daughter for her family. Bindi is head home after she complete SP2. 





















 July 2016 Maddi won her Companion Dog title to become a graduate of our Presidents Choice Program when she qualified  four days in a row with a total of 784  points out of 800 and also gained 197 points toward the DPCA Top 20

To gain the AKC's Companion Dog title a  dog must win in three showings at minimum of 170 points in each showing - a  tribute to Maddie, the Hoytt Line and our staff






London aka Hoytts Bridge To My Heart CGC RN kids...born 12-28-15







 Roxie aka Hoytts Gift of Love kids...born 12-10-15



Cassie aka Hoytts Sable Contessa CGC RN CD TDI - 10 little Royals ... all  four colors born 9-3-15

Django - TN

                             Rosebud - TN                             

                                                                Star - TX                                                                

 Starrk - North Carolina

Lacey - FL 


Na Pua -  HI

Shadow - LA

     London aka Hoytts Bridge To My Heart CGC pups   

  Hoytts Sierra Sky born 5-27-2015...In the Grand Victor Program 

                                                              Ember - IL

                                                                  Maddie - TN

                                                                  Lexington - WA


Gracie Anne aka Hoytts Golden Girl II CGC pups born... 5-13-2015

Kodiak - VA

Lexi - TN

Belle - TN


Maverick - NC

Jersey Girls kids born...3-22-15

Liam - Washington

Taylor - AL

Riley - TX


Axle...for those wondering if we welcome new clients; you bet - this Dobe now lives in Mooresburg TN

Zanna and Cainnan  had already decided Axel was to be their very best friend. Few clients have the opportunity to visit more then once this family lives within two hours of the kennel. Its an extra bonus for a few but is not necessary for total success for within a few days or perhaps in just a few hours after the new Hoytt Dobe arrives, you will begin feeling your new Super Dobe knows you are more then just a friendly stranger.  The great ones are amazing.  So should you live just down the street from the kennel or days away a great Dobe is just that - A great Dobe.   Those that can visit their developing pup simply have begun to enjoy their new Hoytt Dobe before it's even diaper trained but these visits do not make the difference when it comes to success (bonding).  Of course there are more photo ops but success is not  directly age related for with a great mind in the right dog with extra interest the dog has in seeking close human relationships and the families interest in becoming parents or better put wanting a close relationship with a canine truly makes the difference. Of course there is an unquestionable bonus in having Mr. Hoytt guiding the Dobe from selection to placement.

Otherwise folks when someone talks about age and bonding think about the following -If we partnered or married in our early teens we are to believe our chance at living happily ever after as a couple would be much higher then those who wait years longer to start a life together. But for sure if you can visit your developing Hoytt Dobe come be our guest.


Jete'...Born 3-22-15...this little beauty will be heading home to Mandeville LA once she graduates as a CYA Level One - Deposit received May 2014 requesting placement summer of 2015 - follow her development as she finishes her medical services and completes her chosen education.  

                   Bettis - FL

Bettis - FL 

Are we good?  No...we  are great!!! Everything within our power is done to  create what today is  the world standard for not just a flashy type of Dobe but for what the Dobe  truly was meant to be...the ultimate companion with a sense of humor, unmatched  intelligence, the look of a dog magazine cover dog who will step forward when it  senses the need to be the family guardian - in effect a Dobe for those who  want more than just  what the general public would perceive as  "one of those dogs".