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  Below Picture is - Keels 10 months with his Hoytt Dobe Flynn 6 years.    flynn...7-5-12-photo-60-.jpg

Just a couple bro's enjoying a lazy afternoon. Best pillow in the house!

Complete with built-in defensive countermeasures. WES

Defending our children, protecting ourselves - whether your children are in their own beds or in the yard enjoying your investment, is a perfect reason to own a Dobe. Perhaps you are a walker, jogger, or hiker.  Our Dobes can be guided during training with actual trail experience. If we know you would like "trail experience", additional outback trail skills can be taught as well as learning of rules of walking in public - ask. 

The only added costs during their pre-placement education may be based on time the Doberman and their trainers are off the property. Keep in mind we have created our own Line and do not buy our Doberman puppies or adults from brokers.

You will also receive videos of your Doberman from pup to placement. If we hit the trails for you, this too will be videoed. Of course, from our puppy Kindergarten to our highest level, you will be kept in the loop.  So, on the trails, or sessions at the kennel, as well as programs that take the Doberman into the actual AKC judging, or graduating from the GV program or Presidents Choice, video recordings will accompany the Dobe on it's journey.  Even the trips to Bass Pro or other heavily trafficked locations where extra learning of social skills, (if the course offered this before placement), will be videoed. As our ads bragged, first in the 1950's... "turn to Hoytt for the Love, Loyalty, and Protection a great Doberman can offer".



Other Training Programs 

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Other Training Programs  


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