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DobeFest 2017

 DobeFest Page always being updated but we have a video short already on YouTube - for the complete presentation contact Hope @ 865-397-9887

Barrie Hoytt here,

For those who are just learning about DobeFest know that this is not a commercial exercise nor am I the leader of this festival for it was my clients who came together to create this most unique gathering. All I have to do is be me and enjoy a most unique opportunity to see first hand what my life is all about.

Imagine more Dobermans then you would see at many of sanctioned AKC or UKC shows and add that every Dobe behaves as if it was a National obedience winner while they look like they are ready for the Westminster. Every Dobe a queen or king in their respective homes now showing their cultured side and  the behavior in public most dog owners would envy. 

DobeFest is the equivalent of a family gathering where the many distant relatives that may have never before met come together to create wonderful memories; for they have returned to their Dobes birth place where each as newborn took it’s first breath of life months before leaving to their respective families.

For attendees this will be as if the clients will have stepped through time where the great great grandchildren and some of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Hoytt line will make their appearance along with special introductions of Hoytt Dobes who are our stars in the performance ring as well as the home.

And for Hoytt Dobe owners DobeFest is where folks from as far as ‘that far’ have come to meet others in what must be the most exclusive group of Dobe owners to come together for each have come to House of Hoytt perhaps just this year or as long ago as the seventies with the same goal; an exceptional companion. 

The fifth DobeFest will be as it should be even better then the years past so  let us know you will be attending please - call Hope at 865-397-9887 or Df's leaders at arms Carol Stephens and Noel Webster.

Now please note the list of DobeFest rules that follow.

One…You must own a Hoytt Dobe – meaning a Doberman born at House of Hoytt to be part of DobeFest 2017.

Two…well we only have one additional rule – Enjoy yourselves.

 Below are DobeFest Photos 2016


Dobefest a festival dedicated to the an American Bred Dobermans



DobeFest 2016 from Barrie

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DobeFest -2016