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Life enhancing suppliments.


Lets give our dogs an exclusive, easy to administer chance to live longer without the many negatives reported on the internet; most are breed related or dietary weakness. To correct these possible problems, we offer our own line of life enhancing suppliments, while following the USDA suggestions. Call Carol Stephens or Barrie Hoytt at (865) 397-9887 to discuss these life gaining suppliments or email at


NOTE.....over the last 7 years, those on our supplimental program remain strong, healthy and happy. With the years into this supplimental program we have not seen negatives. In fact, in the same period we have watched our own line of dobermans reaching over 9 years of age an equal group over 10 years with one FL kid who should be wearing a blue cape... passed away during this period at 18 years of age. It is the success of our dogs longevity as well as health and personality which has left us almost speechless. For sure smiles from letters received weekly comeing from the human family that had welcomed thier current Hoytt dobe into the world of humans.



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