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    For posting ears without tape wrapping  for great non-surgical ear stance. See video below.

Quick Brace Animation

This system eliminates most if not all of the past problems of bracing due to illogical, outmoded and uncomfortable ways posting has been done in the past. Of equal importance, the Quick Brace System™ can be applied immediately following ear cropping to accelerate both correct ear stance and healing time, eliminating post-surgical problems related to self-inflicted injuries during recovery both immediately after surgery and the weeks following.

Used by thousands of Veterinarians around the world, and tens of thousands of breeders and private owners, the Quick BraceSystem™ with its unique design, lightness and ease of application make it the leading bracing system in use today.

As you look over the photos and study the values of this exceptional system it quickly becomes obvious why this is such an outstanding aid, helping all breeds of dogs that require a specific ear stance to meet their breed standard.

 Works best on dogs under one year of age but has a
high success up to twenty-four months or the end of your patience.


Online Ordering is Now Available!

To Order Quick Brace System visit our new website: www.quickbracesystem.com

How To Measure and Apply Dog Ear Braces Quick Brace system.


To place order by phone or for assistance call between 10AM and 4 PM EST ... M T T & F     Miss our staff do leave a message and we will call you back.

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