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"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity"

      Hoytt  - Offering the  ALL  American Line since 1985, that has been monitored since it's begining in 1964. We are proud to say throughout the world today, the Hoytt Dobe has shown  its excellent longevity; smooth, calmer personality, can be a great socializer and still a very good defender of family. In an overview when all structural qualities as presented in the AKC Doberman Standard and the dozens of possible genetic complications as stated throughout the internet, we offer a 10th birthday assurance program. NOTE...Please keep in mind that House of Hoytt is the singular specialist in the Doberman world serving the clients individually at a professional level.

Our 10th birthday assurances 

For those who follow our health and care recommendations predominatly,  a once a year physical begining at 3 yrs of age (with a copy of reports sent to us following the kids exam, which helps with our  on-going research program) with a few easy guide lines, including FDA's dietary advisories.  Plus we offer  a very balanced supplimental program.... Go to our  page on Creature Comforts to order; an easy way of  giving these suppliments. Please go back to main menu for details. And as an added brag, we remind the reader that since 1985, we have protected the Hoytt Dobe through the true breeders art. With this final point of reference related to LINE BREEDING...Humorously we want to remind all our readers that "If you don't want flies in the house, don't open the windows". Meaning all dogs going back decades were controlled by the Hoytt's.


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The photo below with Mr. Hoytt are three that own the boss along with Shelby our red now a Grand-victor resident of the Long Horn State. Where a handsome red boy named Trooper was anxiously awaiting her arrival.   mr.h-and-his-gang-img-1645.jpg


To call our office the general information number is 865-397-9887 or to set up a conference with Mr. Hoytt.   If you are already family feel free to call Mr. Hoytt directly on his private number or text his cell 1-865-567-5270 leaving reason and time to call you back.   Thank you for this courtesy. 



CONTINUE DOWN TO AVAILABLE - CLICK PHOTOS IN "RESERVED" & "SOON TO BE AVAILABLE" which is a separate link in first page menu to see more. All Hoytt dobes currently in residence here are reserved or home with excepition of Izzy's (Hoytt's Isabella Bellatrix) pups born 9-18-23. "AVAILABLE" Hoytt Dobes help you plan for a great 2024. Note our last litter for 2023 will see a new generations from Bella (Hoytt's Bella of the Ball) and Caspion (Hoytt's Defender of Honor).

NOTE... Our 3rd litter placement for 2023 will see a new generation from Hoytt's Isabella Bellatrix CGC. which were born 9-18-23 and we are pleased to soon present Bella (Hoytt's Belle of the Ball CGC) our final litter for 2023 will see Hoytt's Belle of the Ball. Our last whelping for 2023, Bella - Hoytt's Belle of the Ball CGC, will be around late-Sept. and these future kids could start joining their new families mid to late April depending on client pre-placement services requested. This may be Caspion's retirment litter. But he doesn't kow this yet and his next generation boy will carry on his line.


Note we do accept pre-birth reservations from those who plan on welcoming a Hoytt Dobe this coming New Year. If you have questions please contact Carol or Mr Hoytt for future projections.


We are pleased to announce that our Izzy (Hoytt's Isabella Bellatrix CGC) has had a beautiful litter of blacks, reds, and blues. Please note .. we already have some reserved. Please contact for more information.

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