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Luck is when preparation meets opportunity"         

                                                               Hoytt  -  The  only all American Line since 1985

                                                                                 Establish  third generation 1964

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The photo below with Mr. Hoytt are three that own the boss and a now Texas red head named Shelby who like our next due to whelp have graduated the Master Course, the Grand Victor Program , received the AKC CGC & RN degrees and a great deal of love before placement. But so much more now from her new family and her other half also red, for sure a Hoytt their handsome five year old boy named Trooper.  mr.h-and-his-gang-img-1645.jpg


To call our office the general information number is 865-397-9887 or to set up a conference with Mr. Hoytt.   If you are already family feel free to call Mr. Hoytt directly on his private number or text his cell 1-865-567-5270 leaving reason and time to call you back.   Thank you for this courtesy. 


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PLEASE REMEMBER many OF OUR DOBES ARE RESERVED BEFORE WEANING PLUS OTHERS ARE RESERVED EVEN BEFORE BIRTH. Both come with a $500.00 discount award while giving you time to plan the kids pick up trip or just add the time you have to plan the kids arrival. 

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