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Luck is when preparation meets opportunity"         

                                                               Hoytt  -  The  only all American Line since 1985

                                                                                                 Establish 1945

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We remind our first time viewers that none of our breeding pairs have been kept kenneled but are our clients pride and joys purchased outright. Each leave their "island in the sun" to be parents here for five weeks, well the girls anyway - (the boys only have to hang out for a few days). Without our client's help with their Hoytt Dobes to carry on the Hoytt Line I'd not have my London, Caspian or "Q" today. There would be no American Line Dobes, just mixed imports - This web site might simply be full of mixed line ( not meaning mix breeds ) but Dobermans from international brokers for reselling some call themselves hobby breeders, kind of like say KITCHEN raised, maybe better put, many sellers call themselves hobby breeders - nice term that really says we liked our female and maybe the children have asked to have their dog give birth so they experience birth.  Would you want the sometimes employed financial adviser, cashier or maybe the person who sold you the property who is now learning home building. That the contractor building your dream home really has just been building garages but now ready to go big time at your expense? Maybe you win the proverbial lottery but odds are all you win may be a free ticket. Now...   

 ...from the Hoytt Dobe pups side of life this is a wonderful life here & our staff starts showing them what a relationship is as well as gentle guidance from about seven weeks introducing a fun relationship and the quiet but correct guidance that will be the foundation of their life in the human world - our world, soon to be your world.  much better beginnings then being raised in a basement, out back or in the garage so they don't get in trouble. Or sellers who were not ready for the cost of care and veterinary services and had to cut corners are more common then not.  So future parents let us be your experts, from our fifty plus years of first hand development to profiling when matching bloodlines, but not by test tub specks but one on one relationships that are also part of our selection process. 

Well you found the best and it's all American, from mating to placement the Hoytt team is ready to serve you. So if you really have been searching for a world class companion who looks like a showman and loves with all its heart while watching over you and can invest both the funds and perhaps a decade or more in an extremally great relationship, all that remains may be your patience while the kid is selected and/or also finishes your chosen programs and remember we also do door to door deliveries.


We are for sure a rare find, the reason for our success is most of our Dobes seem to be going to folks already clients some acquired their first Hoytt dating back to the sixties a few today still enjoying their Hoytts. Then I must mention we also have the next generation families or friends and acquaintances of our clients stepping forward. Reexamine the presentation photos of Hoytt Dobes placed and/or reserved and you will quickly realize why we enjoy such a unique success.  

 Also all our Dobes are true American breeding since the mid eighties when every Dobe in each Hoytt Dobe's pedagree crried the breeders name HOYTT. Yes behind the Dobe being offered for generations were created by us. And from that point in time each pup from the day they open their eyes have many friends here at Camp Hoytt both adult and children plus a cat, all to help bring our Dobes to placement. 

           In time each matched to its life partners - you. 

All carry the Hoytt name meaning to this day we control a line that is directed by actual health and behavior rather then simple gene identification. GO TO UNDERSTANDING PEDAGREES and you quickly understand how to check a sellers claim of knowledge of their dogs past the pair that produced the pups they are offering. You will better understand what the last comment meant. I remind the reader that we have created and placed every Hoytt Dobe born after the mid eighties when the last non-Hoytt no longer showed in our AKC three generation pedigrees. Today even a nine generation pedigree would only have one kennel name showing - HOYTT. It is our personal knowledge of each Hoytt that over the generations allow us to do genetic profiling when choosing a future breeding pair. Plus our newest kids are presented on this web site yet  go to Owners Gallery and look back decades and see the successes that have brought us to the youngsters offered today. It's also a way to see how the Hoytt Dobe in style even with the cometic surgeries like tail docking, dew claw removal and beautiful ear crops that match head structure are expected - so consistent that even those who have owned Hoytt Dobes for 40 or more years expect and receive the same qualities with their newest. That also means personality, style and intelligence exactly what clients expect for most will tell you each new Hoytt seems to be a clone of their earlier Hoytts with only minor variables meaning the new kid will still carry an individuality that does a slight seperation. But generally seems to have stepped out of a time travel machine. Those who welcome Hoytt Dobe into their lives can also be sure we have not cut corners in creating each HOYTT Dobe. Add that even our medical services before placement and our Team are by far unmatched in the dog world in both care and training. An extra bonus with pre-birth reservations, you have time to move into your new home, finish remodeling or taking a long overdue trip before you welcome in your new family member if you so choose. Advanced reservations helps us too in planning each year's breeding pair.  


The photo below with Mr. Hoytt are three that own the boss and a now Texas red head named Shelby who like our next due to whelp have graduated the Master Course, the Grand Victor Program , received the AKC CGC & RN degrees and a great deal of love before placement. But so much more now from her new family and her other half also red, for sure a Hoytt their handsome five year old boy named Trooper.  mr.h-and-his-gang-img-1645.jpg


Happy to remind everyone that  Dobe Fest 2023 will be in October. Remember to call Carol and let her know you would like to attend. Carol will keep you up on our side of this great place to meet relatives you will enjoy. This is not a sales meeting nor is it open to the public...your pass will be the Hoytt Dobe in your life.                                           


To call our office the general information number is 865-397-9887 or to set up a conference with Mr. Hoytt.   If you are already family feel free to call Mr. Hoytt directly on his private number or text his cell leaving reason and time to call you back.   Thank you for this courtesy. 


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PLEASE REMEMBER many OF OUR DOBES ARE RESERVED BEFORE WEANING PLUS OTHERS ARE RESERVED BEFORE BIRTH. Both come with a $500.00 discount award while giving you time to plan the kids pick up trip or just add the time you have to plan the kids arrival. 

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