Who's Carol???



She is today the voice of the DOBERMAN known as a Hoytt. But 20 something years ago she was in part where you are today… Will your next dog be a Doberman? - and now … Do I find a private owner or broker and hope for the best or have I already found the best with this breeder?

 1… 1982 Carol began showing her expertise as a trainer in the AKC Performance ring with her non-Dobermans.

2…1990 Carol obtained her first doberman and began her life-long passion for the breed.

3… 2007 After seeing Hoytt Dobes consistently showing off both their owners training skills and the Hoytt Dobes outstanding performances she began further research and when obedience judges advised her that the best working Dobermans came from Hoytt Kennels she contacted me for her first Hoytt Dobe – Phoebe, formally Hoytt’s Hidden Treasure and began her first extensive adventure. The following are the varied performance degrees this team gained … UDX6 OM9 GO CDX GN CD RAE RE RA RN CGC.

4…2012 For the first time in the history of the Doberman Pincher Obedience Top20 Nationals one breeder Barrie Hoytt saw four of his Dobes make the T20. Leading the group, you guessed it was our Carol with her two Dobes Phoebe formally Hoytts Hidden Treasure UDX6 OM9 GO CDX GN CD RAE RE RA RN CGC and Georgia formally Hoytts Sweet Georgia on my Mind CDX GN CD BN & CGC, along with her husband Wayne with his Sonny formally Hoytts Little Big Man GO CDX GN CD BN CGC. And the fourth great team was Lane Cummings with his Hope formally Hoytt’s Promise of Hope GO CDX GN CD BN RAE RE RA RN CGC TDI.

5…Over the years I have had dozens of well-meaning folks looking to join my team, a few even wanted to financially add to show their seriousness. My problem was how to find someone who began as a client and offered the duel knowledge of both canines and humans. Following our Dobe Fest of 2011 several attendees contacted me and passed on the following. The group had been talking about how the Hoytt Line could remain alive and well after I retired. For sure a polite way of talking about my demise. What followed were three calls from clients who passed on a conversation they had with Carol. Carol had told the group her and Wayne would love to join my team but they were not sure how to approach me without offending me since I was getting up in age. For sure I had spent many evenings hanging out with my Dobes wondering this same scenario but until Carol was brought to my attention I had to put my passing out of my thoughts.

6…A few weeks after Dobe Fest I called Carol and passed on what I had heard form clients and set up a meet. I told her of the many well meaning folks who inquired about the future of the Hoytt Dobe who were interested in joining my team. But as mentioned in this presentation, no one offered what I sought. Actually, I did not know what to use in making a final judgement – I wanted to seriously feel like I found a person who could somehow prove before I welcomed them into Team Hoytt they were very, very serious. At this meeting with the Stephens’s I suggested the following “ sell your home and ranch”, buy a home locally and you will have proved your seriousness and will be welcomed.

7…seven months later I received a call from Carol. Her husband Wayne agreed to prove beyond all question how serious they were. They had sold their properties and were now within minutes of the kennel having also bought their new residence. Oh no not just renting.  WOW was I on a spot or did I find the answer to a quest that began in the mid-seventies.


8… With what I knew about Carol and her ring success she was first welcomed in as my lead trainer for our Grand Victor program. Three years later my manager at the time fell in love with an out of stater and Carol put her hand up, she had already managed a family business with her sister, this I had not known. Now you know the rest of the story almost. With a wide range of experiences behind her an important fact came into the picture. Carol was in fact first a client…what a find. Someone who also knows what its like as a first time HOH client. The end…not really, more the best of all the areas I worried about is now history.

9…Today the first-time caller will be helped by someone who knows how the inquirer feels. WELCOME ALL to the most successful Doberman Breeder in the history of the breed.

A few other brags…

1…Carol has made the final Top 20 Doberman list for 11 consecutive years. Many years she took multiple placings on the list with 2 and sometimes 3 dogs.

2…One of the most prestigious events offered by the AKC in the world of obedience is the National Obedience Competition (NOC). This event is by invitation only to the Top 3 of each breed only, based on awards earned at the highest level, the Obedience Trial Championship (OTCh) point system. The OTCh is the highest degree offered in obedience, earned by competing in the 2 highest and most difficult levels of competition, with points earned only by placing in each trial and based on the number of dogs defeated. Many times, only a 1st place win will earn points. Carol earned the elite invitation to the NOC for 2 consecutive years with her girl Phoebe. The team competed at the event and as each dog group is placed separately, her and Phoebe placed 4th in the Working Group the first year and 2nd in the Working Group the next year…remember, the competition is as tough as possible with only the best of each breed competing. Carol continues to compete at the highest levels of obedience with her Hoytt dobes and when time allows hopes to once again experience the NOC with a Hoytt doberman at her side.



Carol with ribbons.


                Carol with 4 wins.

Carol's little girl.

Phoebe DPCA Title

Phoebe AKC Top 20


NOC Championship Awards


Barrie with 3 of the top 20 finalists 2012

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