Who brings Hoytt Dobes home?

Who are the folks who welcome Hoytt Dobes in to thier lives? Typically, those who realize they are welcoming a new family member not for a few months, but most reason that thier new canine companion must be able to adjust to the many variables in it's environment throughout it's life. Not only at the time of placement, but for every minute throughout a decade or more. With a constant variation in it's behavior based on environmental change, from welcoming a child to a 75 year old or older grandparent who was welcomed into the Hoytt Dobes family making the correct adjustments throughout it's life. While always welcoming the chance to make those the dobe lives with comfortable and in the end this wonderfull doberman still retains the qualities we enjoy knowing the propensites in it's life rather than simply a creature to play ball with. So instead of taking a little 10 pounder, who is an excellent alarm system and at best could only cause hesitation to an intruder, to the powerfull creature we know as a Hoytt Doberman. And you don't have to pick up the little canines and throw them at the intruder.





















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