Ariel - born 7-21-19 from Greta & my Caspian... Home Sarasota Fl finished her CYA program and soon will spend her summers with a Hoytt boy named Berlin in the Vineyards and winter in Florida. . Sounds like an E Trade commercial. We delivered her.


Do You Want to Take Me Home?

Once we have your Client Profile, then arrangements will be made to speak directly with Mr. Hoytt.

He uses his knowledge to match you based on the Doberman that fits your lifestyle, Doberman's personality and training level you may want in your next super star.

While each Hoytt in training has a teacher, each student is understandably different so both owners and student have to be taken into consideration when teaching before placement.

For your enjoyment we have presented as many pictures as weather and time allowed. As with all our Dobes an added video will be done within day of departure. Also once reserved we update the new family as changes take place. Its a joy to be able to look back in time. We know we are perhaps the only breeder to be able to show these stages as well as show off the health of the pup as it steps forward in life before it meets its new person or family. 


                                       Remember " Client expectation is the driving force behind our success" 

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