Pre-owned and Special Placement

 Spring 2024

Kai - Formally "Hoytt's Red October".

Born 10-27-22      

Please remember we only send out pre-owned to well etablished clients. Save around $10,000 dollars and shorten delivery time to 4 weeks versus ordering a CYA with placement 8 month or more into the future, and again, remember he's only avaliable to established clients. Once more we remind our readers all Hoytt dogs are placed under a 3 month trial return program.


WOW...Our very own "Red October". Created for a retired client who regretfully ran into health complications related to his almost owners health.  To duplicate, for the right person or family, an educated Hoytt Doberman of his quality and education would literally make him well beyond the reach of many purchasers budgets, but now, to be sure his rehome as soon as possible, give us a call and lets discuss your situation, but first, please be sure we have your client profile to help us understand your enviroment for we are asking only $6000.00 which is about his price when he was just cropped. All medical services have been completed including altering. This firey red 106 pound gentle giant will have to be either delivered door to door or picked up from kennel personally, buyers choice, since none of the airlines offer delivery for canine of his size. Feel free to arrange a time to call in and talk to Mr Hoytt personlly. Kai is quiet a personality as far as his sociallizing in his family circle, yet he's like a private security service. Plus, he's made friends with some of our pups in training and has been welcomed by Mr Hoytt's personal 4 year old named "Q". An excellent choice for an established client with a Hoytt female already in family.





Tatum - Formally "Hoytt's Dreamweaver II"

Born 9-13-23             

And here is our youngest special presentation kid. This pretty girl known as Tatum. BORN 9-13-23, this girl was reserved by a family with 3 Hoytt Dobermans wanting to add a forth color (black) to thier canine gang. They also have relatives owning Hoytt Dobermans scattered thru the lower 48. Howerver, constrution delays have put Tatum back up for to Mr. Hoytt for details. NOTE : Tatum can head home as a graduate CYA or Grand Victor depending on the buyer's preference and budget. Please call Carol Stephens at (865) 397-9887 to arrange a time as to when you can speak to Mr. Hoytt directly.

BRAG TIME... As you would expect from us, most of our pups are reserved pre-birth or still nursing on MOM so we can plan thier mode of delivery. And a more MAJOR BRAG, we have placed our dobes from Hawii to Ancorage and in approximately 29 other countries.

Now reality...from the "cute" pup right after medical services to the heart stopping baby of 13/14 weeks of age who would be heading home after completing our Puppy Kindergarten program may be available at K level or right to the top if you so choose.  (the baby as well as the rest of our canines at Camp Hoytt  come with a show off video - no not just the standing around disregarding most handler requests as we see with too many other sellers who ideas of a work-out video is a CRAP shoot. I hate to see humans who call themselves trainers because they happened to know which end of the lead they belong on.


          Our videos are more a report card that shows the mutual love on both sides of the leach.

WATCH  CAREFULLY PRIVATE OR PUBLIC VIDEOS. A CANINE TEACHER IS BOTH THE EDUCATOR AND EACH CANINE'S MOST LOVED HUMAN.   Love of their surrogate mom/teacher with their so called educated canines who pay little to no attention to the person they should - the human at the other end of the leash - in both old & young dogs videos. These videos actually show off the canine's report card and the relationship with its teacher (not to be their owner). But a personal dog who we'd hope loves this person (unless the trainer is just showing off, which is totally understood). In the end the important workout should be with the dog up for placement.

For the puppy preschool through our most advanced cources, one would think we have nothing great left to mention, but we do! First, we quietly promise each of Dobes the best life has to offer in their future parent or family. While we have never been able to come up with a single formal title that does the owner justice, we acknowledge 99% of our clients are also "The best of the best" and also enjoy sucesses in their lives.

These Special Offering kids are no problematic, these are our ALMOST PROMISED. If you've read who we are and what we offer by reservations, you can understand that the youngsters that are reserved by clients at a young age, or even not born, must come before we can choose Special Offering Hoytts for this page. Life Happens - -  Sometimes in life circumstances change and planned placements must be delayed. Which allows us to have an added Dobe on this page.






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