Available Dobes

 Delilah & Clark Pups born on Sept. 11, 2017 

 Who seeks our assistance? Folks who have been searching for a Dobe that fits all their expectation rather then a generic example of the breed.

So when personality, energy level, style as well as the finer points like preferring to be at your side, when time allows but ready to join you at the right moment either just to be sitting next to you or for a relaxed walk or perhaps a game of catching the ball when the time is right. To be both social and yet aloof when the situation demands. moment allows or simply when you have time for walks or just playing ball. Definitely not wanting a Dobe who may be the more independent type but has the patience that when you don't have time natural behavior when the situation allows.  when ever allowed in how the Dobe will Get the best Doberman mind, personality and structure, not to mention the ears that reflect the mood and personality.

While you may find that special Doberman on this page keep in mind many of our Dobermans are reserved before birth for either the new owners preferred placement date or required by Hoytt to select from a certain yet to be born breeding composite. 

Seriously if 2018 is the year to add your first or next Hoytt Dobe to the family  now is the time to reserve before their birth and for we offer a  pre-birth discount of ten percent on our Dobes and services training included.

This also helps us to better plan our breeding's. 

Know we have been accepting reservations for our spring and summer pups well back in 2018 some reserved by choice others by our direction. 

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