Zoey is quite the stylish creature and one of the happy tail types. She's a good morning girl, a good afternoon girl and good evening girl who actively shows her happy tail side every chance she has to show you her comfort level. 

Soon we hope to announce her planned birthing date and of course introduce her beau. However if you are an established client she could head home before her mating and return for the necessary steps to motherhood. Or if she is just a few weeks into her pregnancy she can step into your hearts and home returning to our home to whelp. With a gestation period of nine weeks you could have this special Hoytt Dobe home for the holidays if you wish for up to six weeks and she returns to us for about five weeks to whelp. This is not a unique program for these Hoytt girls who are welcomed into my personal group at six to eight months of age after their CYA CGC graduation usually can head home within a year all the while under a structured home rules and all the social bonus program as one of the boss's personal Dobes as happens when I find the right female to carry on her Blood Line. Even as I write this a 12 week old named Token has been chosen who will join my group in about three months and one day like Zoey I'll be telling her story.


For those who could welcome another Hoytt Dobe into their hearts without the need to wait or reserve then be patience while their kid is selected and finished under our CYA 2 CGC program, my Zoe is a treasure waiting to be discovered.   Imagine also the savings when you consider this level of knowledge if requested over and above the CYA 2 CGC programs. The cost almost double the original programs. Of course like our CYA Level 2 CGC courses once finished in the Super Pup Program where they have care givers and a teacher, as they start off property time there is also travel & travel manners to be learned. Add social experiences on and off the property now four to five of our staff are involved as they advance.  Add home rules from counter surfing to staying off the furniture to not touching the hundreds upon hundreds of idems that can be found many times just in one room. This level of responsibility being practiced before placement with no additional charge. After all Zoey is helping pay her education by giving us the future Hoytts through her babies. 


Now let's talk about this girl personally. She has many children friends, children who first have been taught how to become a friend to new dogs. Too many parents have not taught their children to understand that first you must be welcomed into a dogs social circle. But Zoey loves to party with these children ages from seven to fourteen. Literally every week end, sometimes in the evening during the week too. When the kids are here with their staff mothers some time we find Zoey all cuddled up either napping for real from their extensive play or just relaxing and watching the Disney Channel.


But these kids have been taught dogs are not toys but caring companions who love the petting, hugging and closeness during quiet times along with cuddling. Of course these great canines who will never not share even their eatables with their human friends ( well it's actually more sharing what the kids brought) are of exceptional temperament and not for you to believe a dog is a dog is a dog for there are exceptional genetic qualities in action here. Remember anyone who is an X partner has learned changing a human or canine with quirks is near impossible. Rescues are full of dogs who did not fit and the courts are full of couples who need to go their own ways. So best find the person or canine that has the qualities on personality and mind you seek and like a fairy tail live happaly ever after.


Zoe is a fun creature, great sense of humor always trying to please but she has her likes and dislikes too. We all have been to gatherings where certain people are not on our favored list and if we can we try not to be trapped into pretending. Zoey likes all the staff and their children but sometimes at the office she will come into our visitors area already to socialize but as we do sometimes would rather just hang back but will still hang out since we her people are present. Usually she will go to a dog bed and just be a lady grab a dog bed and relax. These times its as if she has said "You let them in, you socialize with them".     


More Details: 

You hardly know Zoey's around when we are busy. She will grab a bed and just hand around waiting for you to acknowledge her presents. But ask her if she wants to play ball or when the evening comes and I take my gang for a late afternoon or sometimes late night walk she perks up ready to party.

She's changes attitude from a calm creature to one ready to get out and do things. After all she like my other guys patiently wait for me many times all day to call them together and ask the words they have waited for. I should add sometimes at work she will come and sit next to me and if I ask her what she wants her beautiful eyes light up and ears go erect - I have a bowl of treats on my desk that they all could get into but none help themselves. So what do I say to this beautiful Dobe or her friends like Riley "Treat" and I swear I get an extra smile. But no wildness just patience for they know I'm not tricking them and they know they have been good - they surely deserve a treat for they are such a pleasure to have around.

But readers Zoey and her boy buddy Riley truly need to join a family of their own so if you can invest in the joy this great Dobe will give for many years to come by all means take the next step and call. Oh yes she's a wonderfully well mannered but protective creature who will bring so much smiles.    

Birth & Family Information:

Zoey was born born 6-30-16 out of Gracie Anne from west of Chicago and Magnum one of our local now retired super sires.

Do You Want to Take Me Home?

Once we have your Client Profile sent in arrangements will be made to speak directly with Mr. Hoytt. As to her fee she is $7,965. Also for our first time clients as well as established clients Zoey can be reserved for placement after she whelps and we are not rising her fees. 

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