Kaiser...Our boy is now home ... established client - Illinois - we delivered - born 7-21-19 Greta & Caspian ...Scroll down for his puppy video


If you've spent time over the last months looking at our "Available" Dobes I initially pointed out in fairness to his litter mates that on 10-16-19 Kaiser just 11 weeks old and 30 pounds looked the part of an eight month old in size because he happened to be about four feet closer to the camera then his young friend when this photo was taken.

Back then when we said "Of course one can only imagine what such a handsome youngster will evolve into" we were simply doing our part in early evaluation. Now 15 weeks later we see how correct we were for he is developing into quite the looker. Our final adult size projection, Kaiser will be 95/105 around 18 month of age and retain the class usually seen on the cover of breed specific magazines.

Kaiser had been reserved initially just before his crop but his almost family decided winter in Wisconsin is a bit too chilly to start a youngster and requested a re-selection with placement this summer. Now Kaiser has finished his Super Pup Programs and entered the Custom Young Adult program and could go all the way to Grand Victor if you so choose otherwise the kid can be home in two to six weeks depending on which level of our CYA program you choose.

Know that Kaiser has an interesting personality. He is ready to party or happy to just hang out with his people. Ready for daily walks around town or be ready for a few mile hike. Social yet never fear, this easy going Dobe is still all Doberman and will stand up for his family once he has gained maturity and learned your social structure. Already a favored buddy to our visiting staff children and socializer with our invited guests.

Actually he would be a great therapy dog yet pleased just to hang out at home and has the patience for a day at the office. Once he realizes he is yours you will find that privately he is what most of our clients seek and that is a "Velcro dog". A dog who prefers his human family even if there is another dog in residence that is his play buddy.    



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