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1 Year Supply

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Product Description:

A blend of Vitamin A, D, E and C, gives the 'kid' an extra health boost without over-supplementation.

Directions for Use: 

1 - teaspoon (5 grams) per day ( For the lay-around Dobe

2 - teaspoons (10 grams) per day ) for the more active Dobermans. 


Story of VITA-MAX 

One of our trucker clients who as I understood at the time also had a ranch in the Rockies' sent us this concoction, enough to keep our personal Dobes covered for months and all we knew was it was a popular mix for his area and seemed to boost stamina while cutting down on the allergy and the many other skin related incidents including surface scrapes and scratches also seemed to accelerate repair.

Here we found that our wonderful little canine children with an exuberant personality until the loss of the baby teeth which some of you know are as sharp as a flay knife and puncture skin as easy as a pin will find a new victim daily.

No real concern since they are kids, kids just having fun. 

But the Dobe with its short coat when scratched or worse when the vet shaves six square inches before Applying even a basic antibiotic cream will take months for full re-growth.

The VITA-MAX  seems to speed healing and hair growth in our original group of canines, no matter the background history so injuries healed more quickly.

Today after more than thirty years adding this to our over 16 week old diets find Vita-Max a great bonus - so until the ingredients are no longer available we will stead fast encourage this as the only other supplement addition to the Hoytt Dobes diet.

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