Creating Life - Costs of our pups

Barrie Hoytt here,

I shall begin back in 1964...Yes 51 years ago we offered the first assurances that promised to back each Hoytt Dobe with a Lifetime non-possessive Temperament Guarantee and a six month Health Guarantee against any of the primary health problems of the times including hip and elbow dysplasia - boy were we trashed by other Doberman breeders. Today "anonymous" would slam us every chance they could on the internet - like how can anyone guarantee natural accuracies? Well to begin with we were actually offering a form of investment protections with a reselection. So how can we now assure certain conditions will not surface? We can't but we can protect the purchasers initial investment in their Hoytt Dobe. 

                                                                       Strange start, lets talk diet first.

Today  so many new viruses identified along with almost as many genetic and congenital variables as us humans can face plus the possible dangers of the so called super diets offered pet owners without breed specific or cross breed research, it takes a combination of knowledge and good old fashion luck to enjoy a long healthy life, both ours and our canines. Over all, we as owners must do more then just feed what we can afford. The $4.00 meal for one dog may be a plus but for another may be a death sentence. Even in our human world, research says 50% of us could die from heart problems related to our diets but this has not stopped us from seeking human and pet companionship.                                                   

So how do you choose your dog's diet? Turn to the established specialty breeder they acquired their dog from as our clients do and most questions can be answered. For others who just happened to find a pup from a family owned pair or broker, best find a breed specific veterinarian or today one only has to punch up "dog diets" on the internet. But do remember to check the credentials of the writer before you accept a strangers word as gospel. 

                                 Now lets talk about the Hoytt's programs 

Keep in mind in the Doberman world we lead in both first hand knowledge of every Dobe in todays Hoytt Dobermans thru selective Line breeding for at least 10 generations, choosing only the best genetic health history, the best minds and for an added touch, excellent style where point for point the AKC standard is closely followed for starters. When you can, do go back to Menu and open "Understanding pedigrees" to learn more about the three different pure bred breeding variable types.                                                                                                                                    

  1...Starting with the Hoytt Dobes who will be the future parents who are client owned, know too that we do not keep future breeders caged, kenneled, penned  or even pushed out as a free dog in trade for a multitude of litters. We also do not offer stud service to non-Hoytt Dobes since I became aware of CANINE BRUCELLOSIS back in the seventies which is mostly transmitted during mating. To date not a single Hoytt Dobe in our breeding program have ever faced this nasty disease. Nor have we bred our girls and boys over five years of age since the eighties with few exceptions. One was a nine year old male, a Hoytt in Iceland - yes Iceland. The first Doberman the government allowed citizenship to. Formally Kristijans Spirit V Hoytt who passed away at 12. When Spirit was about seven years old the second Hoytt Dobe arrived, friends of Spirit's  family. Then when the girl turned two years of age as planned, the two were with government approval, gave us ten babies. Then the first litter of Icelantic Dobes were born. Mother's name was Tinna formally Blandon's Tinna Von Hoytt who together helped create decades later my Caspian a 5th generation Grandson of the pair. I had reserved one of the pups from the pair. 

Note when breeding to an older dog we created, know this is like traveling back in time allowing a true reevaluation of the family Line. But word of advice older first time dates should only be attempted after detailed physicals or the boy could die due to this new experience. Yet for sure never, never gamble with the life of an older bitch. The girls like us humans are best having kids young - our girls are usually around sixteen months of age and a second breeding when possible is no older then five - this just makes good sense. Actually most of our girls only have one litter which usually can keep the next generation alive. And usually the females are then spayed.

NOTE: We discourage spaying before the female has had at least one heat cycle, two best to help cut down the chance of early incontinence.  

 2...Male or female each new generation of our canine parents are privately owned Hoytt Dobes purchased outright in almost all cases with no breeding demands. But for sure today even I would not have my London, Caspian or "Q" if it were not for my clients who understand without their boy or girl there would be no Hoytt Dobes for any of us. 

            Here's a bit more information to help you better understand your future investment

3...The client owned Hoytt male is offered $500.00 to $1000.00 for his services - success required. Our girls in fairness will be paid $100.00 a day beginning from her first born to the day of the pups weaning or her people can take advantage of a program that takes a pup from their girl's litter or from a future litter of a different Hoytt. This is a trade arrangement meaning we will select & finish medically a pup that meets the situation and client preferences adding the Super Pup One program. Further advancement optional.  

Also the owner of the producing female may want to wait a few years before taking advantage of this trade offer. And again we remind the first timer to Hoytt that we have a husband and wife driving team for pick ups and deliveries when the to-be-bred or soon to whelp female needs transportation to the Hoytts.

               Also for general services or emergencies our drivers are available.

 4.....just before the actual mating which takes place at the kennel under our supervision, the soon to be mom will be given a 24 hour Holter Monitoring to confirm heart health along with a general physical.  our finishing programs. 

5...Since 50% of the dog world as well as the human world's diet is possibly the most problematic cause of medical problems with HEART HEALTH our top concern, the to-be-mother will be on our exclusive cardio health diet and our personal line of health boosting dietary supplements, actually a total health boost for the mother who may already be on our program under the branding of Vita Max and Pomaleen as are most of those Hoytt Dobes who have a wonderful life exclusively being a great companion and protector to their humans.

6...We also do a parasite check and confirm the soon to be mom has been well inoculated for a multitude of viruses. Also a Heart Worm check even though the Hoytt Dobes live the life of royalty; because they are! Check out our past News Letters in this web site, see for yourself. Also know the mothers will be passing on a wide range of antibodies to their pups and know because we enjoy very responsible ownership, we have not had a single Hoytt Dobe face any of the life altering or worse, death. In part because of the mothers inherent passing of virus protections plus  the required yearly boosters and of course excellent owner care.

7... As each new virus surfaced over our sixty plus years serving Doberman enthusiasts, the research world in general and our own people have helped in giving us insight into many preventatives which we further build on. Our clients have literally not seen their Hoytt Dobes lost because of breaks in their immunization programs or face most of the physical maladies discussed by the breed clubs around the world. Of course the client must keep the yearly veterinary health check and boosters up to date since knowledge of both genetics and medical protocols are guided by our direction, client veterinarians and after placement owner feed back which is all important when we choose our pre-placement services as well as breeding matches. In turn it is also this added after placement information from our owners that allows us to offer eighth birthday life assurances as well as predicting what a pup's health and personality will be in it's years as an adult. 

                                       Keeping the eighth birthday life assurance active 

A...Send the Hoytts a copy of each veterinary visit whether the visit was for inoculations or other services. 

B...A letter describing the general condition of the Dobe when the Dobe initially came for the initial examination for the problem identified. Also copies of photos, x-rays & lab reports needed for the diagnosis.

C...Following receipt of the requested document a youngster will be selected and finish our medical completion puppy program at no cost to its family. Our pups are around eleven weeks when they are ready for relocation. This offering is limited to the pup and our presented medical completion services.

Training advancement is available at the owners responsibility optional Air shipping to you or asking for our "Door to door delivery" is optional when not picking your Hoytt Dobe up personally.



Should your Hoytt Dobe pass before its eighth birthday from the viruses its been inoculated against before placement and the owner maintained both our dietary protocol and the kid passes it would be honor to help ease through 'distraction' the Dobe who will be the living memorial to a great friend.


A letter fr



 Services before placement



HOLIDAY ADVISORY...For those first timers who hoped to bring a pup home for a holiday or if you just decided you wanted to become parents to a canine for sure know it is the wrong time to start a relationship with a fresh mind with so much going on, so much you have to learn and so many things a new pup could get into. This could mean emergency trips to the veterinarian and the pup misses the holiday anyway; or worse. 

But here's an option we are quite pleased to offer. Should one of our ready to go, recently or soon to be born pups be available we will put a photo and video short together so by spirit your new Hoytt Dobe will be part of the holiday or gift moment. Make 2022 and the many years that follow, bring you the love, protection, companionship and the qualities you are reaching for today a reality.  

Note... When everything goes as planned we try to have our first placements each year born during the late summer or early winter months since most of North America is suffering from less than pleasant weather. For the fourth quarter of 2022 & the first half of 2023 we will present as planned the matched pair who have or will be giving us "the next generation" that will be the foundation of The American Super Dobes and perhaps your new Hoytt Dobe.  



 NOTE: If you have not received our research papers or the FDA's suggested diet changes text us.      


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