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Getting Your House of Hoytt Dobie Home

We can Fly, Drive it to you or meet you at a mid point. The choice is yours. 

Can not recall if the House of Hoytt offered a delivery or pick up service before 1955 but the van below was actually one of our early modes of transporting our dogs.

Now We Use: 

Today life may be more complex but in so many areas much more rewarding - fact is that until the late sixties House of Hoytt was like most breeders  who even today historically sell babies, sending them home with all the finishing touches left on the buyers shoulders with a dozen  correct decisions needed to be made within the first weeks of ownership that will make the difference in many areas the hoped success for the years ahead.  

This is not meant to sound negative, its how it has always been until HOYTT decided to take on more pre-placement responsibilities .  And no bloodline of any breed today can be seriously talked about of the coming of it's 100th anniversary. ONLY HOYTT.

For those interested in PERSONAL  TRANSPORTING of their Hoytt Dobe,  from door to door or if we know you and your kid a time and a 'dime' saving we've met clients half way from as far as - as you can imagine even by boat and a few interesting countries. We can arrange this at times at a cost lower than airlines fees.

We are ready to serve our clients to the west coast as well as Vancouver and east to  Newfoundland and all points in between and for sure north east to the Lobsters.  

But fear not we can deliver even if you live in Tortola BVI, Iceland, Jamaica, the Caymans, -we've already been there so if we don't need a personal security staff on arrival we can deliver.

Personally Mr. Hoytt will discuss the pros and cons of personal delivery if you are interested  but there is no down side if your budget allows the transportation costs.

Can't visit to meet one of our Super Pups or our most advanced Dobes here's an interesting option for those who can...

Okay, you have just finished viewing one of our Special Offering Dobes for the tenth time; you are almost positive that you have found your special canine friend and companion. You call your office to see if your schedule can be altered enough for you to pay the kennel a visit. Your secretary asks if you are kidding. Life as you know it could end if you take any time off. Oh well. Maybe you can free up a few days next week....
Two weeks pass. Looks like you can finally break away. A call to the kennel finds that two days before the Dobe you were interested in was sold to another who simply followed instructions and reserved the dog by phone.
You are not happy about this.
You decide that there will never be another Doberman as fine as the one you just lost. Years later you will still be referred to by acquaintances as the person who almost owned a great Hoytt Dobe.

 Okay, I admit this is a bit of an exaggeration but just in case your workload does not allow you to grab the next flight out or jump in the car to cruise over, but one of our young adults or one of the 'family' in our latest Special Offering caught your eye, give us a call; we may just be able to come to you.

Visitation can also be arranged while we are completing your chosen development level.

"Success does have it's rewards" 

* This is offered as a convenience for the client. It is a service for those who find this personal delivery  cost effective by saving the client time away from home or occupation...costs based on round trip at  twenty cents per mile plus fuel and driver's time. 

You can also arrange to have your doberman to be accompanied by a trainer for personal instruction at your home for a single session or for a number of days.