Letter - Diego ( Hoytt's Sharp Dressed Man)

Diego (Hoytt's Sharp Dressed Man)


Hello Barrie,

Its been a while since Diego left his birth home of Tennessee for these foot hills of Virginia but he is doing great. He has adjusted well to his new environment, friends and family both animal and human.

It took only about 3 or 4 trips around the neighborhood for everyone to love him needless to say me too. I am constantly complimented on how beautiful he is and often asked about the nature of his coloring as though I could take credit for it. I simply reply genetics and the controlled breeding plan under the supervision of Barrie Hoytt, the owner and "Main Wizard Behind The All American Super Dobe". I tell them of the Rainbow concept that the linage of controlled pairing produces resulting in some of the most beautiful known and accepted color combinations of Dobermans in the World with Red and Rust being my favorite as you well know. Diego has become an extension of my hand with never a pull on or tight lead showing patience, strength and the pride of his bloodline. In other words, "HE STRUTS HIS STUFF".


He travels with me on a daily basis just about everywhere I go that is dog friendly from Southern States to Home Depot, Pet smart, Petco and even a few small businesses that have no problems with a well manner's young man like Diego. He is eager to learn new things and take on any challenge that he is presented with leaving me standing back asking myself what next. The question becomes who is teaching who and at this point it seems as though Diego has trained me well, (LOL).

Barrie your original incite into my profile was to bring a young adult home and you were absolutely right. Diego was about 25 months old when he finally arrived home and it has been wonderful for all concerned especially me. He put me in a better routine and now I am up and out earlier everyday, walking, running, playing as well as enjoying a better healthier quality of life. (PS) I have even dropped about 20 lbs. and my doctor couldn't be happier for me.

I am a testament to anyone considering bringing home one of Barrie's older or young adultsin training. After Barrie reviews your profile a puppy might not be the best fit for your situation so if he suggest a dog from one of his older groups at least take a pause and listen to his words of reason. That puppy cuteness can quickly become more demanding than you have time or patience to work with so take heed and save yourself any issues that demanding the wrong placement can develop. After all you have come to the House Of Hoytt for so many of the right reasons so don't let not listening to Barrie be the wrong one. Well Diego just put his head on my leg and looked up at me which basically means get off the computer and spend a little time with me because I have been waiting patiently for you to finish what you are doing but now its time for me." ENOUGH SAID", so we are going for a walk.

Thanks so much Barrie for putting Diego and Me together because it seems that we both needed each other and the timing was perfect. Here are a few pictures of Diego in a more relaxed mood and in the second picture he is actually waiting to give the mailman a letter to post for me.


Anthony and Diego