Letter - Dirkie Dog

Dirkie Dog

COVER INTRODUCTION FROM MR HOYTT...Now before you move on let me introduce you to Dane's Dreamboy Dirk Von Hoytt CGC TDI RA - Durkie Dog to his friends and family. He had no idea that he was anything more then Dirk Wester the only member of his family who was not short changed at birth like the two legged members. Probably never figured out how they actually got around, never the less Dirk never made them walk any further then they had to without his support. Always watching for the right moments to show them how much he loved them and without throwing them out of balance he quickly was at their side showing them that he hardly ever noticed their maladies.



Dane's Dreamboy Dirk Von Hoytt ~ Fondly known as Dirkie Dog 

The happiest boy we have ever known, the most empathic, and quite the clown.  He loved to camp, perform in Agility and Rally, (and goof off for those who have seen our You Tube channel!) He is sorely missed and will live in our hearts forever....and in his passing; he brought a new family to us - all who have their own Dirkie dogs.

Dane and Noel