Letter - Fawn



In 1974 our lives changed dramatically. At the time, we did not realize its significance, but through the years we have fully comprehended its everlasting impact-a "Hoytt" Doberman had entered our lives!

specified a "full" aggressive black female. Fawn (puppy) was shipped to us air freight from Chicago to Atlanta for a whopping $13.13 (taxes were 63 cents). We immediately fell in love with this little mischievous girl-our quiet home life quickly erupted into a frenzy of a nipping puppy always at our heels. Our "little girl" became a "big girl" and her rapid learning and retention ability during training led to obedience AKC competition. After months of training, our loving, now a lady, was extremely competitive. Fawn won her CD in her first three trials in April and May of 1976. She gained her CDX degree, again in her first three trials in two months, with scores above 196. This achievement was recognized with the Award of Canine Distinction issued by Dog World Magazine. In the 1976 National Doberman Show she placed first place in Novice B and Open A and was HIT at the Show, making Fawn the National Champion. She is listed in the DPCA Obedience archives and other Doberman Pinscher books.

Our Hoytt Dobermans have given to us their boundless love, devotion, and companionship.

Thanks Barrie for your devotion to the Doberman Breed. They are the Best

Note: 1976 had the greatest number of Dobes ever registered for the many different obedience classes at one location - there was so much more to this team capturing this High In Trial...interested in more details. Come to the 2013 Hoytt DobeFest and meets the Hahns personally.                           Also Obedience Competition for more on our competition teams.