Letter - Fred


Christmas 2012

Dear Barrie, 

It has been just a little over a year since we last saw you to pick up our puppy, Vincent/Fred.  We cannot imagine life without him now.  He is slightly different from our other 4 dobes, but so sweet and lovable.  He has yet to meet a dog or person what he doesn’t like and he has met MANY.  We live half a block from a large park so Fred gets taken there a minimum of twice a day, sometimes more.  He has at least 6 good doggie friends that he plays/runs/wrestles with and 6 more doggie acquaintances that he says “hello” to and moves on.  He comes when we call him and walks next to us off leash like his relations who go to dog shows.  He actually is better behaved off leash than on leash.  It is so much more enjoyable for us with Fred at the park knowing that he will come when we call him.  He is quite well-known at the park and we joke that he could easily be elected recreation director for dogs.  The people who maintain the park know and like Fred too. We still look at the training DVDs that you sent us; very informative and helpful.

Fred has come far in his obedience training so that when we walk down the sidewalk with him at our side, he reminds us of Jeanine and one of her dobes, no leash.  People at the park often comment on how handsome Fred is and they love to watch Fred run.  He doesn’t need to be chased; he just loves running.   When Fred meets another dog, he jumps and rotates 360 degrees in the air, much like a kick boxer.  In so doing he sometimes hits the other dog's muzzle.  Since this maneuver is not meant to be aggressive, the other dog doesn't know what to make of this.  A bit later we met a lady who upon observing Fred doing a 360, said "Oh my.  He's pirouetting."  We now have an appropriate word to describe this maneuver. 

We took Fred to see the vet and while he was snoozeling with Fred, he said “Barrie Hoytt certainly knows how to breed a beautiful dog.”  This comes from a very good vet who has seen a number of dogs. 

We are attaching several photos of Fred.  When we first brought him home, my sister's weimaraner was here.  She is 9 and acted like a mother to Fred.  They have been very good friends ever since, even slept on the same bed.  Two photos show me training Fred in our back yard and the last is Fred at 1 1/2 years old this month.  

We hope all is well with you and Team Hoytt.  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Charlotte and Greg Neumer

Oak Park, IL