Letter - Major...established clients

Major...established clients - Franklin, Tennessee...The following email came one week after placement.

Hi Barrie,

I wanted to email you and first of all say thanks for calling us the other night. Major ended up being a perfect gentleman with the grandbabies.  That was of utmost importance as you can imagine.  The kids are just 2 years old and 7 months.  Major decided that little people are pretty cool because if he waits long enough one of them will spill something that he was happy to clean up.  He was very gentle with both of them, and neither one of them were afraid of him.

We’ve taken Major out on neighborhood walks more and each time it’s better and better.  We took your advice to reassure him that all is well and he is already relating the leash and the word “walk” to fun times outside the fence.  Always new things to smell, see, and hear.   I told Rick today as we were walking, it’s a pleasure to have such a healthy beautiful young Dobe walking with confidence yet in complete step with me, no fighting the leash or pulling at all.   I’m quite proud of Mr. Major.

Car rides have gotten much much better.  We took him out yesterday for adventures to the Farmers Market to get an antler and then Nashville Pet for more socializing, and of course treats are included.  He even enjoyed visiting the kitty cat at the pet store.  This time there was very little drooling in the car, almost none at all.  We were out for a couple of hours and by the time we headed home Major was so relaxed that he passed out asleep in the car. That was a very good sign for us that our trips to the cabin will be stress free.

Lastly, I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have Major as my new companion.  He seems to have really taken to me, and no matter what room I’m in, he wants to be with me.  I actually love that.  Even though we’ve only had him a week, he has fit into our life style like he’s been with us for years.  Yes, he is already spoiled, but that’s part of the fun.  Spoiled Dobes don’t become brats and that’s a really special thing.  Major’s personality seems to encompass the best qualities of our other 3 sweet Dobes who have gone on to heaven.  We miss them very much, but like you said,  Major must have been just for us because of the error on the web site...So thankful.  He is a kiss from Heaven.

Thank you Barrie,  for what you do for this awesome breed.  We are Dobe people always.  I will send some  photos as soon as the weather warms up and I get them on the computer.

Melinda Meyers