Letter - Wyatt



How time flies!  Thought it was about time that I checked in with Wyatt.  It has been a very busy few months.  This boy is the light of our lives.  I have to admit that he is more than a little spoiled, but he deserves every bit of it.  He keeps bumping my arm as I try to type, as he is a little bored today,  his friend Maxwell is off on Thursdays and doesn't come to work.  They are truly best friends around here.  

  Having him here at work everyday is a blessing not only for me but for all of our grieving families.  In the funeral home he change the atmosphere in the room.  Even those that are a little taken back at first being greeted by a big scary Doberman.  He does not like big trucks and has found if he barks long enough it will go away.  He has harassed the recycle driver (really his truck) for so long that now the driver turns it off and gets out to come talk to him and give him a treat.  Everywhere he goes, he is the "Star of the show"  The most beautiful Doberman in the dog park.  Funny how you really can tell the difference in the ears, tails and general look in the non-Hoytt dobes.  

He is my magic man, I love him so much.  I am sending you a couple of pictures, one he is in his "Sock Monkey" sweater.  Doesn't do much for the Dobe image....so cute.  I do protect his dignity and take it off when he goes out in public ;-).  Recently got him a giant Lady Bug to go with his giant bears.  He will play with and swing those giant toys around and when he gets tired he lays on them rhen falls asleep! 

I will try to check in a little more often to let you know that he is loved and cared for.  Thank you again for trusting us with his care.



Wyatt,s Mom


Barrie one more note.

I hope that anyone out looking for a great Doberman finds their way to you.  I have the most amazing boy and I will never be able to thank you enough.  We have both a Funeral Home/Cremation service and a Pet Crematory and Memorial Service. We are in the opposite sides of the building with a door/ gate between us.  Wyatt and my son's Jack Russell, Maxwell run back and forth all day between the two.  Having them here everyday makes this place not quit so serious for a grieving family.  It doesn't seem to matter whether someone has lost a parent or a Labrador, the pain is the same and the comfort the dogs bring is priceless.  Wyatt fits so well into this it is like it was his calling.  He is as close to a Therapy dog as he can get without therapy training.  He is always looking for someone's lap to sit in. It is amazing what big brown eyes and a head on the lap can do for a person.

 We started the pet service when we opened the business's.  Back in the old days everyone just had to do what ever the Vets had available, which wasn't much.  It was time for someone to do in differently.  There is never anything that anyone can do to change the death,  we just try to soften it a little.  These pets are as important to people as their humans and their grief with loss goes very deep. Most people are not burying their pets anymore, they want them safe at home with them. There are so many ways to memorialize their pets these days, almost anything that can be done for a human can be done for a pet.  Some days here are harder than others, but someone has do it right. Keep doing what you are doing. You have no idea how important it is to all of us out here with one of your special kids!

I sent you a photo of Wyatt smelling a Rose.  That is something about him that we discovered this summer.  Taking him out for a walk, he always stopped whenever there was a flower and took time to smell it.  He really knows how to stop and smell the roses.   So cute.


Peaceful Paws Pet Cremation & Memorials

Until One Has Loved An Animal
A Part Of Ones Soul Remains Unawakened