Medically Complete Dobe


To assure that you and your Hoytt Super Dobe have the best chance of success at this young stage, we will have taken care of all primary inoculations, secondary medical services and the pup's surgical requirements. 

Not available through other breeders due to its complexity, the process that we follow is most impressive and quite valuable.

Not only will this program save you time and money related to vet fees associated with a matched program of this extent, but it will also remove the risk you run of taking a completely healthy puppy to a veterinary clinic. 

Unfortunately, it has only been recently that some clinics have started offering separate entrances and waiting areas for healthy dogs coming in for maintenance services, and for those canines suspected of or being treated for communicable diseases. 

Therefore, each time you take your (otherwise healthy) pup to a clinic that does not offer these separate waiting areas for routine care, there is always a risk that the pup could pick up one of the viruses you are there to protect it against in the first place.  

Whether you bring home your Hoytt Dobe with the highest level of training or no training at all, the medically complete foundation we provide is the only right way to go.

Take time to read our Health Testing Medical Services and Discount Programs and see just how on target we are in providing the best possible start for these magnificent little creatures

More Advanced Medical - keeping up on Cardio Rin"TipTpo Medical Condition".


House of Hoytt Vet Services Letter

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Letter - Dr. Lynette Atkins Letter To Barrie Hoytt